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Younger’s Nico Tortorella welcomes baby boy with Bethany C. Meyers – E! Online

EntertainmentVideosYounger's Nico Tortorella welcomes baby boy with Bethany C. Meyers - E! Online
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Get Nico Tortorella And Bethany C. Meyers‘ Small.

Small The star, 34, and the entrepreneur, 35, have welcomed their first child together and recently revealed the newborn’s name.

“IП ᄂӨVΣ ЩIƬΣ ƬΉΣ DӨVΣ,” wrote Nico Instagram March 13 with a series of snapshots of the couple with them Child, “Introduction Kilmer Dove Meyers Tortorella, Welcome to Little One.”

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bethany announced separate post that their “long-awaited child entered the world on March 5.” As in how did they come up with the name?

“Kilmer is my grandfather’s last name, my mother’s maiden name,” Bethany explained. “Doves because Tortorella means ‘tortoise doves’ and during our infertility journey she’s coming to us through birds. Doves for days.”

Kilmer also made his debut at a crucial time for Nico and Bethany. As the founder of the Be.come project noted earlier39 is a lucky number for the pair, which is 3/9 of them marriage anniversary And the baby had a due date. And according to Bethany, Kilmer was born “39 weeks + 3 days, at 9:39 p.m…. can’t make it!”

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