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‘You’ showrunner Sera Gamble reveals why Kate could be a ‘problem’ for Joe in the future (EXCLUSIVE)

EntertainmentHollywood'You' showrunner Sera Gamble reveals why Kate could be a 'problem' for Joe in the future (EXCLUSIVE)
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Image credits: Netflix

Joe Goldberg is starting another new chapter end of You season 4, After lots of murder, kidnapping, and psychotic breakdowns, Joe and Kate flee London and start anew in New York City. Joe has been more forthright with Kate about his murderous ways than with his previous loves, and has accepted her as she is. So is Kate different? Or could she end up like Beck and Love? HollywoodLife spoke exclusively with You showrunner sera gamble About Joe and Kate’s future.

Penn Badgley
Penn Badgley and Charlotte Richie as Joe and Kate. (Netflix)

“I think when we leave them at the end of the season, they’re very happy with each other,” Cera said. “We don’t know how much she revealed, but from what she told him, she hasn’t lived a life where she’s going to be intimidated by the word murder. Her father was her father, so her setpoint for behavior is a little different than most of us.” different. But I think the answer is in the question, it’s like, I’m not sure there is ‘the one’. The ‘one’ has to be someone who doesn’t really look outside themselves for all the things about He has his own way of going out into the world, his own integrity. So as long as he continues to think that because of some woman he is going to live a perfect life, I think there will be a problem.

In the closing moments of Season 4, Jo looks out the window and sees Rhys’ reflection in the mirror. Joe becomes obsessed with the real Rhys Montrose after Marianne is captured. After a psychotic break, Rhys becomes a figment of Jo’s imagination, the source of all the darkness in Jo.

“I don’t know for sure,” Serra said about whether Rhys would return in a capacity season 5, “I would say we love that. I think the question we’re left with is this: What does that really unified look like?

Ed Spellers
Ed Speleers as Rhys. (Netflix)

Cera said that Joe has been constantly “lying to himself” over the past season about his intentions. “The only reason he hasn’t learned from the 15 or more people he’s killed is that he keeps telling himself he was a one-off, and he’s not a murderer. We were very curious to know what happens if he doesn’t get affected by this if he doesn’t have the same sense of guilt that he used to have.

The listener reported that the show created a fight Club In season 4, and the Rhys/Jo storyline had been in the works for some time. Cera said, “It’s kind of a reward and a success to be in Season 4.” HollywoodLife, “When you establish that your character’s mental health isn’t improving over the course of this season. He’s not necessarily facing a lot of consequences in the outside world. He’s dealing with a lot, but you You can’t run away from what’s on the inside. Whatever he’s done, from what we’ve seen, he’s really blown his mind. We knew we wanted to build someone who was indispensable. could organically embody all those misguided survival instincts, but it also didn’t have the ‘good joe’ hesitation. It was another question: what does that person look like? Should we write a male or a female character? Will they be British? All those kinds of questions.

In the past, Joe’s passion has been rooted in romance. Jo’s obsession with Rhys showed a whole new side to the character. Cera opened up about discovering other types of “deeper love” in season 4.

“When we first started the show, we said that every season we were going to be immersed in some form of love and passion,” Cera said. “But we always said that the romance will always be there. Joe is such a romantic guy and lives for romantic love. But there are many different types of deep love, and many ways to fall in love with someone. It was like our Erotomania season, if you will. It just struck us that perhaps he would become a public figure obsessed level if he had a strong parasitic relationship with him.

One of the biggest twists in Season 4 was that Marian never got over Joe after he was found. He kept her locked in a cage in London. With Nadia’s help, Marian manages to free herself from Joe’s grip. faking his death, HollywoodLife Sera asked if we would see Marianne again in the future.

charlotte richie
Charlotte Richie as Kate. (Netflix)

The showrunner insisted, “Marianne is in no position to be motivated by vengeance.” “She knows that she and her daughter are in danger if they know she’s alive and that no one has fought harder than her to live a pretty normal life with a child. But that being said Well, we haven’t really worked out this specific story yet, but we always had the idea that anyone who survives knows the deal with Joe, especially the people whose lives he completely destroys. Some of them are many, any one of them may come back.

Speaking of returns, Luv and Beck return in one of Joe’s nightmares as his repressed memories surface in his mind. “We felt strongly that we wanted to bring back certain aspects of the show’s previous seasons. I think it’s funny to see him show up clean-shaven at the end because it’s like Joe returned home to 1.0-ish New York.” Ho. Seeing Beck and Love again, for us, felt like a way to make all these seasons a little more of a cycle,” Cera explained. You Season 4 is now available on Netflix.

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