Worst Things Ever Done by Harry Potter, Hermione and Ron


Since then harry potter books and movies came out, fans have become a bit attached to the trio of heroes, Harry, Hermione and Ron, It totally makes sense because all three of them have been on more adventures than anyone else, and they’ve managed to keep their friendship strong and their characters intact.

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or have they? While it is true that all three are basically decent people and strive to do good for others, this does not mean that throughout the series he hasn’t shown his dark side Very. And since we’re talking about powerful wizards, even in their beginnings, their dark side can be quite dark.

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6 Ron and Hermione – Bad Romance

when ron decided he wanted to annoy hermien, He tried his best, not only dating Lavender, but convincing her that the relationship could actually work, while he himself was not believing it. Though apart from Hermione, he also wanted to prove his sister wrong and show that he was not just a boy anymore. Doubly wrong reason. Although there are many fans who claim that Ron was genuinely interested in her (at least initially), it’s pretty clear that the relationship should have ended long before it finally did.

Hermione didn’t take too well to the relationship. She was one of Lavender’s two roommates and disliked her for both her views and personality. He even made a flock of birds peck at her when they were together, something that showed how distressed she really was.

5 Hermione – Rebel Without a Cause

harry potter house elves

Regardless of the reason behind Hermione’s obsession with SPEW (Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare While he’s genuinely caring about others, he fails to notice the most important thing: that the house elves themselves didn’t want his help or really want to change anything. She continues to push her agenda into everyone she meets, and when confronted she makes a self-righteous boast about why things need to change – which would be well and good if at least they were on her side. .

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A more appropriate response to the way the elves were treated would be to sit down and talk with them, learn about their true wants and/or needs, and then start rallying around those things . He jumped the gun, which ended in much frustration and disappointment on all sides.

4 harry and ron – the ball was in their court

harry potter yule ball

Harry’s intentions may be noble, but the road to hell is paved with them, and at the yule ball, he actually walked that road – and back. Harry went to the ball with Ron and his dates, Parvati and Padma, two pretty girls who were excited to have him as their dates, and were also excited to attend the ball. It became clear very quickly though, that the only reason he told them to go was because he had no one else to go with, or rather, he didn’t really get a chance to go with the people he wanted. wanted to

They spent the whole time being sad, paying no attention to them, which made them sad too, for something that was definitely not their fault. Apparently not happy with just their dates ruining the ball, they also fight with their best friend Hermione and manage to ruin the ball for her as well. did not play well

3 Ron – The Green-Eyed Monster

harry potter goblet of fire

While it’s understandable to be jealous of a best friend who, apart from being a superstar, always seems to choose the long stick, Ron’s behavior when Harry was chosen to compete in the Triwizard Tournament.. Well, a lack of class, to put it mildly.

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Not only did she not believe Harry when he told her that was not his name in the cup of fire, but Ron even went so far as to badmouth Harry along with the others. Jealousy may be forgivable, but losing trust in a best friend and then gossiping about her? Tusk, Tusk, Ron. Disappointed.

2 harry – ignorance is bliss

Harry Potter Sectumsempra

A lot of fans will support Harry in this, saying he doesn’t know what he’s doing but… is that a good excuse? Draco Malfoy may be one of the most annoying characters in the books, but he’s still a kid, and more than that, he’s a fellow student of Harry’s, even though they’re in different houses.

Even though he didn’t know what it could do, Harry didn’t really back down Using the Sectumsempra Curse on Draco, who nearly killed him. He definitely must have known it would hurt her, and even if he doesn’t have a clue, is it really better? Or did it make him more dangerous?

1 Hermione – Patience would be a virtue

Harry Potter Luna Hermione Lavender

Hermione have amazing abilities To focus on her studies and always strive for excellence. She’s also a loyal friend, and, having grown up with bullies, she understands people who are different, and she’s kind… wait, no, no, she isn’t. A prime example of this is Luna Lovegood.

Luna likes to see things her own way, and her own way is “far from fairies” mixed with “conspiracy theorists”. Hermione, throughout the books, proves that she has absolutely no patience to Luna and disregards all of her principles and beliefs like she is a second class citizen. Not cool.

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