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‘Willow’ Season 2 Update: Creator Gives New Hope After Cancellation Report

EntertainmentHollywood'Willow' Season 2 Update: Creator Gives New Hope After Cancellation Report

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Time to consult Bones! Lovers of beloved for almost four decades george lucas epic, willow, Waiting patiently to return to your favorite fantasy world. His wish was finally granted on November 30, 2022, when the much awaited sequel To willow Hits Disney+ as a brand new series. News of Willow’s future was confirmed on March 15, nearly 4 months after the premiere of the first season.

starred in the 80s classic film warwick davis In the titular role, Joe embarks on a quest to deliver a small child found near his village and rescue him from an evil sorceress who wants to kill him over an evil prophecy. The 2022 series begins 17 years later and delights fans with a solid continuation of the 1988 film, and ends on two major cliffhangers that hint there’s a lot more in store for fans.

how many seasons willow will we be there

deadline reported on March 15 willow has been canceled and will not return for Season 2. The outlet noted that willow “Remains an important IP in the Lucasfilm library, so it may be revisited in the future.”

two days later, the producer John Kasdan took to Twitter to issue a lengthy letter to fans regarding the fate of willow Season 2. He revealed that the show is No Officially cancelled. “The truth is less pretentious, but here it is: The decision was made last week to release our main cast for other series opportunities coming their way in the coming year.”

He continued, “If you’re asking what that means to you as a viewer, or as a producer, I think it means this: because of the much bigger and more complex forces that have to be created.” I’ll never pretend to fully understand, production of streaming shows is slowing down across the industry, and Willow won’t resume filming for another 12 months. But here’s what’s equally true: Lucasfilm and Disney’s With enthusiastic and unwavering support, we’ve developed and written what we hope is a brain-meltingly funny, richer, deeper and better Volume II, based on our characters and story. The first eight chapters (the Wyrm survives !).

John continued, “Volume II is about courage, will, acceptance and the humor and beauty to be found in the darkest of places and moments. It is about the enemies we must confront, without and often far more insidiously, from within. But, above all, it’s about the inexplicable and enduring magic of friendship. I believe I speak for everyone involved when I say that we all wanted nothing more than to deliver Volume II on the scale we’re telling the story that has been expected and demanded. Are we going into pre-production? Not now. Does this mean we’re never going to make it? Absolutely not.”

at the beginning of each of the eight episodes of willow, a book opened to a “chapter” of the story. While an incredibly beautiful, visual way to start the story, after the credits roll on the season 1 finale, viewers see the book closed and returned to the shelf. Upon doing so, it is revealed that the book held behind is titled “Volume 1”. Right next to it are Volumes 2 and 3, indicating that the new story of willow Was to be played in three seasons.

before the cancellation of the show, Ron Howard, The director of the original film and series EP was optimistic about the show continuing. “There has always been a hope and a plan for more seasons. There’s definitely more story to tell, but nothing concrete right now that I can comment on,” he added. theart, “From a creative perspective, everyone is energized. But everyone loved working willow, It felt like it found its voice and its base, so we’re just standing by.

willow season 1 review

The story of the series takes place approximately 17 years after Queen Bavmorda is defeated. The queen’s daughter, Sorsha, now rules the kingdom and has since become the mother of the twins Kit and Airak and guardian of Ellora. Her husband, Madmartigan, is missing in action, which forces a new group of unlikely heroes to band together. Airak, son of SorshaShe is abducted by Krone, a powerful sorceress who serves as the leader of the Order of the Wyrm, a mysterious evil entity.

Sorsha goes on a quest to rescue Airk to find her daughter Kit, her husband’s former landlord Borman, Jade, a knight-in-training – and more than Kit’s BFF – and Prince Graydon to find Willow, her previous friend and wizard. sent to lead. Also, it is revealed that there is one more joining their party: a kitchen maid named ‘Dove’ who is in love with Airk. However, by the time the party meets up with Willow, her true identity is revealed: she is Elora Danann, the future queen of Tir Aslain, who has been in hiding all these years for her own safety.

willow season 2 embed2
Ruby Cruz as Kit with the cast of “Willow” (Disney+)

Together, they must face all manner of creatures and strange lands to rescue Airk, as well as train Elora to become the most powerful magic-wielder ever, if they are to save the world from Wyrm.

willow season 1 ending explained

After literally jumping off the edge of the world, Kit and Elora finally find Airk – or have they? As predicted, he is in possession of the crone and now wants Kit and Elora to come along for the ride all their hearts may desire. For Kit, this means the freedom to live the life she dreams of, having adventures with Jade and not being the nice little princess; For Elora, this means the responsibility of the world is no longer on her shoulders, marrying Airk and being normal. Crone’s seductive plan almost succeeds – until Kit hears the voice of her father, Madmartigan, just as she did back in the cave with the trolls. He reminds her what she fought for and what she should fight for. However, before she can reach Ellora, she is frozen in stone by Krone. Then, just as Elora is about to get everything she ever wanted, she remembers who she really is and prepares to fight – and she’s not alone.

Turns out, Graydon, Boorman, Willow and Jade all make the same leap of faith to help their friends – and so begins the ultimate battle! Elora confronts Krone while Boorman and Willow work to take down his henchmen. Jade and Kit engage in battle with Airk, who is desperate to defend his new queen. Kit is eventually helped by Boorman by providing him with the powerful Cimmerian Cuirass, as he is the true person wearing it.

willow season 2 embed3
Ellie Bamber as Alora in Willow (Disney+)

As it looks like Elora is about to fail against Krone, Graydon steps in to defend her. He almost succeeds, but Cronus is just too powerful, and sadly smashes Elora’s wand into dust, before breaking it in two. Fueled by her rage, Elora gets a second chance at Krone, and this time she takes him down. However, with her dying breath, she infects Airk with her power, who can call Nokmar as quickly as his friends.

In the end, Kit overpowers her and prepares to kill her to save Elora, but with Willow’s magic, she is able to reach him through their sibling connection and draw the evil out of him. Takes out With Airk himself, the group prepares to head back home again, knowing full well that the Wyrm is still waiting to find a way to take over.

And what’s the plan? That’s all he has to do. In the final moments, we learn that Graydon is alive, but is being propositioned by Wyrm, who looks identical to Elora, to stand by her side as she completes her plan to take over the world.

will be in val kilmer willow series?

share the joy of willow The series saw the return of a lot of the original stars. In addition to Warwick as Willow, joan whaley Rani also returned as Sorsha, as did Kevin Pollack As Rool, a brownie and former traveling companion of Willow and Madmartigan. But what about Madmartigan, played by Handsome? val kilmerAnd Joan’s real-life husband, in the 1988 film?

willow season 2 embed1
Val Kilmer in the movie ‘Willow’ in 1988 (MGM/Courtesy Everett Collection)

Well, his plan was to return and cameo in the first season, as he did Top Gun: Maverick, While Madmartigan still played a big role in the Disney+ sequel series, Val didn’t appear as much as he wanted to because of Covid protocols. considering their long fight throat cancer, this meant that it was not safe for Kilmer to travel for filming. The show managed to work with the help of his son, Jack, Twice during the show, Kit hears the voice of his father Madmartigan, who was actually Val’s son, playing his father.

“We actually recorded with Val and we used his performance as a guide track,” willow showrunner Jonathan Kasdan Said decisive, “Then Jack was given to listen to Val perform and then to mimic what his father had done, to mimic the performance elements of Val’s thing. Then to have him stand on the set – mimicking her father as she did for the documentary – it was surreal and very emotional because, you know, Val is such an intrinsic part of the family. She’s such an important element of Willow. How to keep this character alive , in this case he’s still with us as a supporter and an advocate and a counselor. And I think [he] If given a chance, I would love to return to the screen.

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