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Williams-Sonoma (WSM) Declares $0.90 Dividend

BusinessMarketsWilliams-Sonoma (WSM) Declares $0.90 Dividend
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Williams-Sonoma said on March 16, 2023 that its board of directors announced regular quarterly dividend $0.90 per share ($3.60 annualized). Previously, the company paid $0.78 per share.

The shares must have been purchased before the ex-split date of April 20, 2023, to qualify for the dividend. Shareholders of record as of April 21, 2023 will receive the payment on May 26, 2023.

At the current share price of $119.95/share, the stock’s dividend yield is 3.00%. Looking back five years and taking one sample each week, the average dividend yield has been 2.48%, with a low of 1.26%, and a high of 5.40%. The standard deviation of the yield is 0.71 (n=237).

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The current dividend yield is 0.73 standard deviations from the historical average.

Additionally, the company has a dividend payout ratio of 0.18. The payout ratio tells us how much of a company’s earnings is paid out in dividends. A payout ratio of one (1.0) means that 100% of the company’s earnings are paid out in dividends. A payout ratio greater than one means the company is dipping into savings to maintain its dividend — not a healthy situation. Companies with some growth potential are expected to pay out most of their earnings in dividends, which typically have a payout ratio between 0.5 and 1.0. Companies with good growth prospects are expected to retain some of the earnings to invest in those growth prospects, which translates into a payout ratio of zero to 0.5.

The company’s 3-year dividend growth rate is 0.63%, indicating that it has increased its dividend over time.

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Analyst Price Forecast Indicates 8.85% Upward

By March 17, 2023, average one year price target for Williams-Sonoma is $130.56. Forecasts range from a low of $98.98 to a high of $215.25. The average price target represents an increase of 8.85% from its latest reported close price of $119.95.

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The estimated annual revenue for Williams-Sonoma is $8,902MM, an increase of 2.62%. Estimated Annual Non-GAAP eps
is $16.62.

What is Fund Sentiment?

there are Reporting of 1240 fund or institution positions in Williams-Sonoma. This is an increase of 24 owners or 1.97% over the previous quarter. average portfolio weight of all funds Dedicated to WSM is 0.31%, a decrease of 8.79%. Total shares owned by institutions decreased by 0.74% to 78,413K shares in last three months. put/call ratio The WSM has 1.77, indicating a bearish outlook.

What are the big shareholders doing?

Aristotle Capital Management
The company holds 4,637K shares representing 6.97% ownership. In its prior filing, the firm reported owning 4,632K shares, representing
a hike
of 0.13%. Firm

fell short of

Its portfolio allocation in WSM has increased by 6.37% over the previous quarter.

Capital Research Global Investors
The company holds 4,095K shares representing 6.15% ownership. In its prior filing, the firm reported representing 4,099K shares.
fall short
of 0.11%. Firm

fell short of

Its portfolio allocation in WSM is up by 10.40% as compared to the previous quarter.

Blackhill Capital
The company holds 3,951K shares representing 5.94% ownership. In its prior filing, the firm reported representing 3,952K shares.
fall short
of 0.02%. Firm

fell short of

Its portfolio allocation in WSM has increased by 4.84% over the previous quarter.

IJH – iShares Core S&P Mid-Cap ETF
The company holds 2,060K shares representing 3.09% ownership. In its prior filing, the firm reported representing 2,009K shares.
a hike
of 2.46%. Firm

fell short of

Its portfolio allocation in WSM has increased by 12.74% over the previous quarter.

VTSMX – Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund Investor Shares
The company holds 2,020K shares representing 3.03% ownership. In its prior filing, the firm reported representing 2,005K shares.
a hike
of 0.77%. Firm

fell short of

Its portfolio allocation in WSM has increased by 9.25% over the previous quarter.

Williams-Sonoma Background Information
(This description is provided by the company.)

Williams-Sonoma, Inc. The world’s largest digital-first, design-led and sustainable home retailer. The company’s products represent different business strategies – Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, Pottery Barn Teen, West Elm, Williams Sonoma Home, Rejuvenation, and Mark & ​​Graham – e-commerce websites, direct-mail are marketed through catalogs and retail stores. The brands are also part of The Key Rewards, its free-to-join loyalty program that provides members with exclusive benefits across the Williams-Sonoma family of brands. Williams-Sonoma operates in the US, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, provides international shipping to customers around the world, and has unaffiliated franchisees operating stores in the Middle East, Philippines, Mexico, South Korea and India . In some places as e-commerce websites. The company is also proud to lead the industry with its environmental, social and governance (‘ESG’) initiatives. The company is Good By Design – it has deeply ingrained sustainability in its business. From our factories to your home, Williams-Sonoma is united in a shared purpose of caring for our people and our planet.

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