Why is plus size clothing in India so boring?


Global Plus-Size Clothing Market Estimated To Reach $696,712 Mn By 2027

The concept of plus size clothing is not new. It has been prevalent around the world, falling under the purview of plus-size or size-inclusive outfits. It has been showcased on the ramps, showcasing styles that reflect the current trends.

The demand for such fabrics is increasing in the international markets. However, according to Statista, a German market and consumer data company, India lags behind, despite having a significant number of consumers wearing clothes larger than the UK size 12.

It’s also important to note that the global plus-size clothing market is projected to reach $696,712 million by 2027, according to a report by Research & Markets, a global online resource for market data and business reports.

Considering these numbers, India has ample opportunity, leverage and scope to manufacture stylish, good quality garments for the sizable segment, given that the country has a plethora of different garments. In addition to providing comfort, oversized fabrics allow designers to play with prints, textures, and embroideries on a larger canvas of fabric.

changing scene

If you visit a plus-size fashion store in your city today, you won’t find the variety of styles you’ll find at a “regular-size” clothing store. There is also so much stigma attached to it that many people who want to wear plus-size clothing don’t because they are too ashamed to step inside a “plus-size” fashion store.

Of course, with e-commerce and more social media chatter about body positivity, there has been a change, albeit a slow one. Some Indian brands and designers are taking note of the need to create clothing for different body shapes and types. One of the ways to combat the issue of size disparity is by providing a custom fit that will put the buyer at ease and boost their confidence at the same time.

In my experience as a designer, I have realized that even people with smaller frames gravitate towards outfits that are loose, flowy and comfortable, debunking the notion that oversized clothes are only for the plus size segment are reserved. It also caters to those who prefer a larger, looser fit.

Linen is a good example of a fabric that is lightweight, versatile, and loved by many designers. It can be easily used to create a trendy yet comfortable look for everyone, irrespective of their size.

In fact, when crafted into flowy silhouettes, linen creates an ideal look for oversized clothing such as square tops or free-flowing tops. kaftan It is comfortable yet beautiful and comes in different sizes to suit every body type.

Kaveri Lalchand is the founder of Kaveri.

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