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Wait, the menu was based on an actual restaurant?

EntertainmentMovies/ReviewsWait, the menu was based on an actual restaurant?

menu Wasn’t a blockbuster hit yet and won’t be this awards season menu It was one of those movies that everyone who saw it fell in love, It’s a special movie because it’s quite simply a good movie that isn’t part of a major franchise, something we just don’t see much of. But while the movie was not based on the comic book or novel, it was apparently based on a real restaurant.

This is not to say that there is an actual restaurant where the chefs kill themselves and the guests are crippled. while there are probably some restaurants where chef would like to kill some guests, we have yet to actually see it happen. However, screenwriter Will Tracy recently pointed out Bon appetit the film that Ralph Fiennes stars as a chef who goes a little crazyOne was based on real food, which at least made her feel uncomfortable.

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