‘Vanderpump Rules’: Raquel questions Tom Sandoval and Ariana’s sex life, relationship before fighting with Katie


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Raquel Lewis Troubled a lot of people during the May 10 episode vanderpump rules, when she got involved in a long-awaited performance Katie Maloney In tone. Not only was Katie’s mother, Terryhurt by what he saw during the hot exchange, but Ariana madix I went Lisa vanderpump and burst into tears over the whole situation. And to make matters worse Ariana’s boyfriend Tom sandoval couldn’t care less about her feelings Instead, he made it a priority to defend Raquel in her fight against Katie.

All the drama went down at Ariana and Katie’s sandwich shop preview party, but before that happened, Sandoval and Ariana sat down to have a serious talk about the status of their relationship. Tom tells Ariana that it often seems like he can’t stand her presence, and she complains about the fact that they only have sex about four times a year. While she agreed that she wanted them to work on their relationship and intimacy, she was also a little taken aback by his complaints, and to be honest, we don’t blame her. Tom was apparently already dating Raquel behind her back, so he was probably just making things up and building a narrative This will benefit him, so he can finally break up with her without blindfolding her.

Interestingly, Tom also told Ariana that he wanted to work on their relationship, but somehow Raquel found out about the situation and later confronted Ariana about it at the preview party. She asked Ariana why she and Tom weren’t having sex anymore, and Ariana told her that she was struggling with insecurities, but she didn’t want to have sex with someone who felt like a stranger. , and because of Tom’s busy work schedule, he sometimes feels that way. Raquel was empathetic about Ariana’s insecurities, saying she, too, beats herself up about her looks, and honestly, it would have been a really sweet moment if we didn’t know that Raquel and Sandoval were already Having sex behind everyone’s back. So the way it seems to us now is strange. Was Raquel just doing some digging to find out when Tom and Ariana will break up so she can eventually become Tom’s main crush? Hopefully we get our answer at Reunion.

Anyway, once Raquel had talked to Ariana, she pushed her away from Katie, who didn’t like that she was there or wanted to talk to her. Raquel tells Katie she loved the sandwich samples, and again, it was sweet, but seconds later, Raquel starts to “rage texting” Katie. Tom schwartz, It was so incredibly random and it seemed like she was just desperate to get camera time. Apparently, a Blog Explained Schwartz and Raquel’s Make-Out shayna shaymarriage ofAnd when Katie found out about it, she went on schwartz via text, Raquel must have sensed this, and felt it was her place to question Katie’s motives? It was all very awkward, and Katie was blown away by the fact that Raquel felt like she could tell Katie how to live her life. Also, side note – why did Raquel even care that Katy was fighting with Schwartz when Schwartz wasn’t even the Tom she really was? Then again, knowing what we know now, this seemed like a desperate move to get camera time — or a way to keep the narrative going on Raquel and Schwartz as everyone focused on Sandoval’s “friendship.” Was starting to doubt about.

Things got so crazy inside Sur that Ariana burst into tears. She couldn’t bear to see her two best friends go, so she ran to Lisa and cried in her arms. Everything was exploding around her, and the preview party was going to be a special moment for her. Meanwhile, Tom Schwartz hides in the corner, and Tom Sandoval dove in to defend Raquel against Katie. Christina Kelly Sandoval to leave Katie alone and focus on his girlfriend, who was crying on the side, but he didn’t listen. He continues to beat Katie until he has had enough, gets up and storms off. And when she passed by Schwartz and Raquel, Raquel started laughing. Lala Kent catches her doing this, tells Katie, and Katie turns up. She quickly grabbed Schwartz, pulled him into the alley behind SUR (so iconic) and burst into it. But Raquel interrupts them and tries to defend her affair with Schwartz, but this angers Katie even more, and everything goes to hell. Katie tells Raquel to leave, so she does, but it doesn’t help. There was no resolution for Katie and Schwartz.

Back inside, the group presents Lisa with a birthday cake, and after blowing out her candles, she stands up to give an emotional speech. Clearly, this was supposed to be the season finale, as most seasons end with Lisa giving some sort of emotional speech, but the group had no idea what lay ahead. In a matter of months, Sandoval and Raquel’s affair will be exposed, the s*** will hit the fans, and the cameras will roll out and watch it all. It’s honestly sad watching these episodes and seeing how badly Raquel and Sandoval were cheating on Ariana. But on the bright side, at least we know her struggle with how fighting with her best friends wasn’t a long-term problem. And next week, we’ll finally see how the cast really reacted to the news of “Scandoval” in the official season finale.

Oh, and this was also the week we saw Raquel buy her Lightning Bolt necklace — the one he bought to match sandoval So that they can secretly tell each other how much they mean to each other without anyone knowing. Uh

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