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USA: Sanctions Against Individuals Abroad Violates Due Process Rights

WorldAmericas and CanadaUSA: Sanctions Against Individuals Abroad Violates Due Process Rights
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UN Special Rapporteur Alina Duhan said that this practice increases rights abuse concernsIncluding the right to due process, as enshrined under a decades-old international treaty.

old practice

“The United States has been imposing sanctions on individuals and entities for years without national criminal jurisdiction and in the lack of universal jurisdiction,” He said.

“This is a clear violation of due process rights, which include Presumption of Innocence and the Fair TriadAle.

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He has guaranteed these rights international convention on civil and political rights “Which the United States of America has ratified and must fully implement.”

The Convention is a major international human rights treaty that was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1966 and entered into force a decade later.

legal activities affected

Ms. Duhan was appointed by the United Nations human rights council Monitoring the negative impact of unilateral coercive measures on the enjoyment of human rights.

He said unilateral sanctions target individuals abroad for alleged activities outside the US, “including activities that are legal where they occur.”

Secondary sanctions target foreign individuals and companies to avoid alleged negotiations or clearance arrangements with sanctioned parties.

over-compliance out of fear

Since sanctions generally prohibit entry into the US, and freeze assets with no ties to the country, they violate the right to freedom of movement, and the right not to be arbitrarily deprived of property.

“The fear of US sanctions has prompted many foreign companies and financial institutions to over-compliance to reduce their risks, This only exacerbates the impact of sanctions on human rights,” she said.

In addition, human rights violations occur when US trade embargoes against certain countries punish foreign companies for doing business there.

“These policies affect labor rights, freedom of movement, and the rights of foreign individuals who may be associated with these companies,” she said, pointing to the harm caused to the human rights of ordinary citizens who are exposed to the goods or services of these companies. depend on the services. provide, such as Medicines and Medical Equipment,

Questioning the “compatibility of applying this type of extraterritorial jurisdiction with international human rights standards”, he called for consideration of how this affects the international principle of non-interference in domestic affairs.

About UN Reporters

Ms Duhan and all other UN Special Rapporteurs receive their mandate from the UN Human Rights Council, which is based in Geneva.

These independent experts monitor and report on specific country situations or thematic issues.

They work in their individual capacity and are not employees of the United Nations, and they do not receive a salary for their work.

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