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Unusual put option trade in US Bancorp (USB) worth $440.00K

BusinessMarketsUnusual put option trade in US Bancorp (USB) worth $440.00K
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Put Contracts in an Unusually Large $440.00K Block on March 10th, 2023 at 09:33:30 ET US Bancorp (USB) was purchased, with a strike price of $40.00/share, expiring in 70 days (on May 19, 2023). Fintel tracks all large options trades, and the premium incurred on this trade was 3.38 sigma above average, placing it in the 100.00 percentile of all recent large trades in USB options.

This trade was first picked up on Fintel Realtime unusual option trade
Tools, where unusual option trades are highlighted.

Analyst Price Forecast Indicates 33.07% Upside

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By March 10, 2023, average one year price target For US Bancorp it is $56.29. Forecasts range from a low of $44.44 to a high of $80.85. The average price target represents an increase of 33.07% from its latest reported closing price of $42.30.

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The estimated annual revenue for US Bancorp is $29,557MM, an increase of 33.49%. Estimated Annual Non-GAAP eps
is $5.10.

What is Fund Sentiment?

there are Reporting of 2670 fund or institution positions At US Bancorp. This is an increase of 132 owners or 5.20% over the previous quarter. average portfolio weight of all funds There is 0.45% dedicated to USB, an increase of 6.26%. Total shares owned by institutions increased by 5.36% to 1,322,910K shares in the last three months. put/call ratio USB has 0.49, which shows a bullish outlook.

What are the big shareholders doing?

JPMorgan Chase &
The company holds 59,026K shares representing 3.85% ownership. No change from last quarter.

The company holds 44,374K shares representing 2.90% ownership.

VTSMX – Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund Investor Shares
The company holds 42,905K shares representing 2.80% ownership. In its prior filing, the firm reported representing 39,850K shares.
a hike
of 7.12%. Firm


Its portfolio allocation in USB has increased by 7.54% as compared to the previous quarter.

Price T Rowe Associates
The company holds 32,757K shares representing 2.14% ownership. In its prior filing, the firm reported representing 3,236K shares.
a hike
of 90.12%. Firm


Its portfolio allocation in USB stands at 975.19% as compared to the previous quarter.

VFINX – Vanguard 500 Index Fund Investor Shares
The company holds 31,257K shares representing 2.04% ownership. In its prior filing, the firm reported representing 30,650K shares.
a hike
of 1.94%. Firm


Its portfolio allocation in USB has increased by 1.62% as compared to the previous quarter.

US Bancorp Announces $0.48 Dividend

On December 13, 2022, the company a regular quarterly dividend $0.48 per share ($1.92 annualized). Shareholders of record as of December 30, 2022 will receive the payment on January 17, 2023. Previously, the company paid $0.48 per share.

At the current share price of $42.30/share, the stock’s dividend yield is 4.54%. Looking back five years and taking one sample each week, the average dividend yield has been 3.39%, with a low of 2.18%, and a high of 5.81%. The standard deviation of the yield is 0.73 (n=237).

The current dividend yield is 1.58 standard deviations from the historical average.

Additionally, the company has a dividend payout ratio of 0.50. The payout ratio tells us how much of a company’s earnings is paid out in dividends. A payout ratio of one (1.0) means that 100% of the company’s earnings are paid out in dividends. A payout ratio greater than one means the company is dipping into savings to maintain its dividend — not a healthy situation. Companies with some growth potential are expected to pay out most of their earnings in dividends, which typically have a payout ratio between 0.5 and 1.0. Companies with good growth prospects are expected to retain some of the earnings to invest in those growth prospects, which translates into a payout ratio of zero to 0.5.

The company has a 3-year dividend growth rate of 0.14%, indicating that it has increased its dividend over time.

US Bancorp Background Information
(This description is provided by the company.)

With approximately 70,000 employees and $554 billion in assets as of December 31, 2020, US Bancorp is the parent company of US Bank National Association, the fifth largest commercial bank in the United States. The Minneapolis-based bank blends its relationship teams, branches and ATM network with mobile and online tools that allow customers to bank how, when and where they prefer. US Bank is committed to serving its millions of retail, business, wealth management, payments, commercial and corporate, and investment services customers nationwide and around the world as a trusted financial partner, accredited by the Ethisphere Institute as a Naming Commitment Bank among the World’s Most Ethical Companies of 2020.

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