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UN insists on ‘full commitment’ to Ukraine grain deal as Russia offers 60-day extension

WorldEuropeUN insists on 'full commitment' to Ukraine grain deal as Russia offers 60-day extension

Russia had earlier announced that it would agree 60 day extensionWhich is half the number of days agreed upon when it expires on November 1st.

A UN-mediated deal was also endorsed by Turkey in Istanbul – including a memorandum of understanding between Russia and the UN to facilitate fertilizer exports – Export of 24 million metric tonnes of food grains has been allowed, and more than 1,600 safe vessels travel through the Black Sea 55 percent of food exports are going to developing countriesA said Note issued to journalists in Geneva.

talks with russia

The press statement came after talks with a high-level Russian delegation on Monday at the United Nations in Geneva, which included top UN officials, facilitated the deal on behalf of Secretary-General Antonio Guterres; Rebecca Grinspan, head of business and development, and Martin Griffiths, head of relief.

“The Secretary-General of the United Nations has confirmed that UN will do everything possible to maintain the integrity Black Sea Grain Initiative and ensure its continuity”, said the note to reporters.

“The UN’s support for the agreements reached in Istanbul is part of the global response to the most severe cost-of-living crisis in a generation.”

United Nations committed to agreements

The United Nations Secretary-General expressed that the United Nations “remains fully committed For the Black Sea Grain Initiative, as well as efforts to facilitate the export of Russian food and fertilizers,

FAO The food price index, covering a basket of staple foods, “clearly demonstrated the positive impact of both agreements on global food prices” for 10 consecutive months since reaching a record high in March last year. The statement continued.

UN said this Declaration noted In connection with the extension of the Black Sea Grain Initiative by Russia for 60 days.

‘Positive impact on global food security’

The two agreements have also had a “positive impact on global food security”, with millions of tonnes of grain reaching global markets, to ease the supply chain crisis, which mainly stemmed from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

,Continuation of the Black Sea Grain Initiative is critical to global food securityBecause prices and availability of grain and fertilizer have not returned to pre-war levels, causing difficulty especially in developing countries”, the statement concluded.

Wheat is processed at a granary in Chernihiv, Ukraine. (file)

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