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Ukraine: IAEA chief criticizes ‘complacency’ over Zaporizhia nuclear power plant

WorldEuropeUkraine: IAEA chief criticizes 'complacency' over Zaporizhia nuclear power plant
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This is the first time the site has lost all power since November 2022. but the sixth time that all off-site power has been cut since the Russian invasion last February — IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi said, in a statement to Agency Director.

The agency said late Thursday that power had gone out. Restored after 11 stressful hours To be completely disconnected.

The plant has been occupied by Russian forces since the first few days of the full-scale invasion last year, but IAEA experts are stationed there and Ukrainian citizens continue to operate the plant under Russian military supervision.

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In Kiev on Wednesday, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres noted that IAEA was done “Fully Mobilized” to Endeavor and Protect Safety and Security of nuclear facilities across Ukraine called for more complete demilitarization Throughout the region around Zaporizhzhya.

‘Our luck will run out’

,Each time we’re rolling a dice. And one day our fortunes will run out if we allow this to continue time after time,” the IAEA chief warned.

They said that “There is enough diesel on site for 15 daysto meet the “essential” needs of the plant but the situation at Europe’s largest nuclear power station remains critical.

In an appeal for action to resolve the conflict and guarantee the safety of Ukraine’s nuclear infrastructure, Mr Grossi Said he was appalled by the “complacency” of the international community,

He said he would continue to consult with Ukrainian and Russian authorities immediately to help prevent a possible nuclear disaster if the reactor were to be completely shut down.

massive wave of Russian attacks

Meanwhile, in several regions of Ukraine, Russia has once again launched a “wave of massive attacks”, killing civilians in many areas, the UN’s deputy spokesman Farhan Haq told reporters Thursday at the United Nations Headquarters.

Russian missiles also targeted civilian infrastructure in several parts of Ukraine, including the capital Kiev.

“The strike – the first of its kind in more than a month – affects electricity infrastructure across the country. Nearly 40 percent of people in Kiev have been left without heatWhile 15 percent of homes and businesses have no access to electricity, according to officials, Mr. Haq said.

in the city of KharkivFreed from Russian control during an invasion last September, he said 1.4 million people now lack heating, electricity and water.

“In KhersonLocal officials and our partners on the ground tell us that at least three civilians were killed at a bus stop in the city center that was believed to have been hit by a missile.

An elderly man receives comprehensive medical care at an IOM mobile clinic in a village in the Lviv region of Ukraine.

Civilians killed far from the front

Civilians were also killed in Lviv, in the far west of Ukraine, close to the border with Poland.

Mr Haque said homes and other infrastructure had been damaged in Zaporizhia and other front-line areas.

“As the Secretary-General stressed in Kiev yesterday, the United Nations remains on the ground”, said the Deputy Spokesman.providing much needed humanitarian assistance For millions of people in Ukraine.

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