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Tropical cyclone Freddy is set to further weaken cholera-hit Malawi

HealthHealth CareTropical cyclone Freddy is set to further weaken cholera-hit Malawi

“Malawi is really experiencing Deadliest cholera outbreak in recorded history – nothing less – and the country is also struggling to respond to earlier outbreaks and ongoing COVID-19 cases across the country,” Rudolf Schwenk, United Nations Children’s Fund (unicef) Malawi Rep.

In an update to reporters in Geneva, Mr Schwenk explained that since the official announcement of the outbreak a year ago, cholera has spread to 29 districts across Malawi.

“Its Across the country, affecting more than 50,000 people And more than 1,500 deaths,” he said, via videolink from Lilongwe. “More than 12,000 of these children have contracted cholera, and of these, unfortunately 197 – about 200 – have died.”

storm warning

In a related warning, the United Nations World Meteorological Organization (wmo) said that Freddie would “once again bring more heavy rainfall to the south of the country”, according to Malawi’s National Meteorological Service.

This development will likely create additional life-threatening challenges for communities that are already struggling as the rainy season reaches its peak, combined with the fact that it is now Annual lean season in MalawiWhere many families face a paucity of resources.

Despite being a preventable disease, Cholera is a “death sentence” for thousands of vulnerable children In the southern African nation, UNICEF’s Mr. Schwenk insisted. Infection is common in areas flooded with inadequate sewage treatment and drinking water.

The situation is particularly difficult as national “resources are limited” as the country struggles to recover from the impact. COVID-19, the UNICEF official explained. “The health system is overburdened, health workers are really stretched to the limit for many months; And it’s a really tough time for kids in Malawi.”

one child in two needs

An estimated 4.8 million children in Malawi – “one in two children in the country” – are in need of humanitarian assistance, Mr Schwenk warned, noting that a severely starved child is more likely to die of cholera than a well-nourished youth. 11 times higher.

“By the end of March, Nearly 1.25 lakh children under the age of five are likely to be severely malnourishedMore than 60,000 children are expected to be severely malnourished.

As part of the United Nations’ response, UNICEF has distributed clean water and sanitation supplies and aid, including plastic buckets, soap, water purification tablets, mobile plastic toilets and chlorine bleaching powder.reaching 4,000 people on the Malawi-Zambian border.

The UN agency has prioritized six districts based on persistently high cholera cases and mortality rates: Lilongwe, Mangochi, Blantyre, Balaka, Sliema and Machinga.

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