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Tim Scott hints at May 22 for official presidential campaign launch


CHARLESTON, SC – Sen. Tim Scott (R.S.C.) said Sunday he would make a “major announcement” about his presidential bid on May 22, indicating the most specific timeline yet for that. The offering will be an official campaign launch. ,

Scott is already effectively running for president in a few key ways: Earlier this month, He announced the formation of an investigative committee which allows him to raise money and pay for travel before his official entry into the race.

But the timing of the “major announcement,” which he will make in North Charleston, comes during a potentially hectic and consequential stretch in the 2024 race, with other Republicans such as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former Vice President Mike Pence are making moves. towards entering in the coming weeks. Scott did not say what he would announce; Although he is widely expected to enter the race.

“It’s time to make ‘Faith in America’ a journey, not just on the street, not just for an exploratory committee,” Scott said at a town hall on Sunday. “It’s time to take the final step… We’ll have a big announcement and want you to be there.”

Scott began his “Believe in America” ​​listening tour in February, which includes visits to the early GOP nominated states of Iowa and New Hampshire. Other Republicans are also traveling to those states to try to build support.

desantis hopefully to officially enter the presidential race sometime after the Florida legislative session ended in May. Pence recently told CBS News that he would make a decision “before the end of June.”

Scott, the only black Republican senator, will enter a field that includes former President Donald Trump, the clear poll leader in the GOP field; Nikki Haley, former ambassador to the United Nations and governor of South Carolina; former Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson; and tech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy. He would be the only senator so far this election cycle to make a bid.

Should he follow through with a run as anticipated, Scott is expected to highlight his Christian faith and campaign on a personal story and message of optimism, while also targeting the “radical left”.

“Our mission is to restore hope, create opportunity, and protect America,” he said Sunday. “If we do those three things, the next American century will be America’s greatest century, driven by the strongest, most powerful, positive people on Earth. And we have to work in Washington, D.C. to see that happen”

According to national polls, South Carolina Republicans are voting in the single digits so far. His aides say he is currently working to increase his name recognition and highlight that he has proved to be a prolific fundraiser. Among Scott’s most prominent financial backers is Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison.

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