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These are the 20 safest US cities for solo female travelers—10 are in California

WorldAsiaThese are the 20 safest US cities for solo female travelers—10 are in California
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Whether you’re traveling the world with a group of close friends, or going on a trip solo female travelerIt is important to know that your destination is safe.

TripIt, a travel organizing app, shared its list of the top 20 safest cities in America for female travelers exclusively to CNBC Make It.

Using data from GeoSure, a platform that analyzes metadata to determine the safety of particular destinations, TripIt ranked cities using a score of 1 to 100. The cities on the list were scored based on the following variables:

  • rights and freedoms
  • environmental factors
  • opportunities to meet needs.
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All the cities on the list scored 71-80. According to GeoSure’s methodology, this “indicates a high level of protection for women, representing an area with very good protection of equal rights and freedoms such as reproductive autonomy, access to education and justice, and anti-discrimination laws.”

Jen Moyse, VP of product at TripIt, told CNBC Make It that the safest destinations in the US have a few things in common. Several of them, including Cambridge, Thousand Oaks, and Fort Collins, are college towns. Other top destinations are notable tech hubs.

“Not only do these destinations have a lower risk of violence, but they also have great access to education, health care and financial resources for women, because of the organizations nearby,” she said.

Top 5 safest US cities for solo female travelers

  1. Cambridge, Massachusetts (74 / 100)
  2. Roseville, California (73 / 100)
  3. Thousand Oaks, California (73 / 100)
  4. Fort Collins, Colorado (73 / 100)
  5. Bellevue, Washington (73 / 100)

Most of the cities in the top five are college towns. Cambridge, Massachusetts, is home to two best universities in the worldHarvard and MIT.

Roseville, California is only a 20-minute drive from Sacramento, so the city is considered a college town because it is close to California State University: Sacramento and the University of California: Davis.

Fort Collins, Colorado, which is no. Number 4 on the list is home to Colorado State University.

Another California city that made the top five is Thousand Oaks. According to FBIThe Los Angeles suburb is consistently ranked among the safest cities.

Bellevue, Washington, rounds out the top five. The city is a notable tech hub with companies such as T-Mobile and Microsoft. Bellevue is also the birthplace of Amazon – Jeff Bezos started the company there in 1994, and Amazon still maintains a headquarters in the city.

Here is the complete list.

20 safest US cities for solo female travelers

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