The wedding fashion of 2023 is monochromatic and minimal


Modern bride and groom focus more on personality driven fashion and design

From Alia Bhatt’s minimalist ivory wedding saree to Kiara Advani’s pink and champagne tones lingerieEvery celebrity bride look in the past two years has spoken of minimalism.

Even beyond clothing, couples are now looking for ways to create a more intimate and emotional experience for their guests by incorporating their personal stories and cultural heritage into their wedding functions.

Monochromatic and minimalist fashion trends allow for more classic and timeless looks, while men’s clothing and jewelery continue to evolve, giving grooms more options for making a statement. Many designers and couples are also incorporating their love for art, culture and movies into their wedding aesthetics. manish malhotra latest bridal collection Khab And the new range by Sabyasachi Mukherjee is testimony to this trend.

It all points to one thing: The wedding fashion of 2023 is monochromatic and minimal.

When it comes to wardrobe, while some still continue to opt for classic red, there are modern brides who are moving towards more intricate threadwork embroideries and pastel patterns, seeking a maximalism-meets-minimalism fashion . The overall wedding color palette has evolved to a signature of earthy browns, whites and free-spirited rustic oranges, which go beautifully with bold jewelry such as nakkashi And Kundan, Kundan, in particular, has become a preferred choice for a large community in India. Statement earrings have now been replaced by larger studs or smaller earrings earrings Or drop the earrings. Maang Tika, an ornament for brideThe S is also getting sleek and modern. Maang Tika, an ornament for bride Mohawks (a line of Kundan) is now being used in post-marriage functions as well.

Apart from bridalwear, now there is more focus on menswear as well. Men’s jewelery goes beyond just a string of pearls or an emerald. Men’s dress is also becoming more elaborate, with a focus on intricate embroidery, bold colors and statement accessories. Traditionally, watches have been an integral part of the groom’s look, but in the current era, a lot of customization is taking place to curate exquisite watch designs to suit the theme of the wedding.

All in all, the wedding season of 2023 promises to be a celebration of individual style, cultural heritage and contemporary design. The pandemic has undoubtedly left its mark on the wedding industry, leading to a shift towards more elaborate and personalized weddings. Greater attention is paid to personality-driven design, resulting in a beautiful amalgamation of traditional values ​​and modern-day heritage.

Revathi Kant is the Chief Design Officer of Titan

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