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‘The Quiet Girl’ embraces the beauty of the Irish language

EntertainmentMovies/Reviews'The Quiet Girl' embraces the beauty of the Irish language
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Ireland’s official language gets its biggest exposure to the world in delicately gorgeous film cool girlaka en calin sewin,

Based on the acclaimed novel by Irish author Claire Keegan nutrientsThe film follows 10-year-old Kat (newcomer Catherine Clinch) as she is sent away for the summer by her neglectful parents as her mother prepares to give birth again. Dirty knees and oily hair, Kat goes to live with her mother’s distant cousin Aiblinn Cinnsilch (Carrie Crawley) and her husband Sean (Andrew Bennett), who show Kat a warmth and kindness that takes her out of life. is missing.

The film retains the 1981 setting of the original story, a time of turmoil in Ireland where jobs were few, money was scarce, and violence and civil unrest troubles to continue. Absent discussion of those troubling and scene-setting themes, director Colm Baird displays a willingness to create a story told from Kat’s point of view by interjecting adult dialogue that she doesn’t understand. Her perspective is reinforced with low angles reminiscent of a child’s perspective and the use of the boxy Academy aspect ratio.

,[Everything] through which you experience [the film] limited by what the girl herself experiences,” Barred told Matthew Mahler movieweb, “You’re hoping that the audience will remember what it felt like to be a kid, to remember what it felt like to be in an unfamiliar place, or to be confused, or to have a clue about what’s happening to you.” Not an agency.”

Rather than using exposition, Baird sets the scene through small details. Kat’s family home is in disrepair, with paint peeling off the dingy walls. At the Cinnsealach’s house, Kat expresses shock when she dips her toe in a hot bath and compares the preservation of perishable food to that in a refrigerator. Not now (Irish legend, The Land of Eternal Youth) – Both modern facilities were not widely available in Ireland at the time. However, the strongest detail that sets the film’s place, and its most revolutionary feature, is its use of the Irish language.

often confused with Gaelic (an adjective that describes the Irish people and their culture), the official language of the Republic of Ireland is called ‘Gaeilge’ (pronounced gwaale-gah). Despite being declared the official language of the republic in 1922 and being a compulsory subject in Irish schools, Gaeilge has declined in use due to it being declared endangered by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).UNESCO, assessment There are only 20,000 to 40,000 Irish speakers worldwide. Instead, English has become the dominant spoken language of the country, a legacy British colonialism, and the devastation of the Great Famine of 1845–48 further reduced the number of speakers.

The Irish language still persists, whether among rural communities. west coast of the countryor in Hiberno-English, a dialect of English influenced by Geilge’s grammar. But one speaker who seems to hold tight to the Irish language is director Colm Baird’s father, a teacher who spoke only in Irish and helped set up an Irish-speaking school (Gaelscoil) in north Dublin, which the actor counts Used to do Brendan Gleeson as a student.

“My father spoke only Irish,” wrote Barred. Curzon, “He did so only because of a deep belief in the value of language and a belief that our own, declining mother tongue was something worth saving.”

Whereas cool girl Most prominently Irish language film, the language has a short history in cinema. The first film to feature the Irish was a 1935 documentary short Oídhche SheanchaisBut the most famous cinematic portrayal of the Irish for decades is a short scene from the 1952 film quiet manStarring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara.

The first Irish-language feature film came in the form of the 1978 crime drama Poitinand its next depiction wouldn’t come until the 2007 film Kings, The number of Irish language films has increased significantly in recent times. cine4TG4, a partnership between Screen Ireland/Fís Eireann and the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, provides funding to develop more films in the language. Such successes include the Great Famine Drama nutmeg and comedy rois and frankWhereas cool girl became the first Irish language film to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best International Feature Film.

Ireland is not the only country to adopt its native language. Navajo’s dub has led to a revival of indigenous languages ​​around the world, as the United Nations has declared it the International Decade of Indigenous Languages. star wars to music by a Cornish/Welsh composer gwenno, In Australia, First Nations languages ​​have gained widespread recognition, including through the music of acts. king stingray and rapper baker boyboth perform at Yolu Matha, and west australian Newspaper featuring front page in Noongar-English to mark Reconciliation Week 2022.

Irish revolutionary Padraig Pearce once said, “Tir Gana Tenga, Tir Gana Anum.” “A country without a language is a country without a soul.” The spirits of Ireland certainly have reason to sing after the success of cool girl,

cool girl Now streaming on SBS On Demand.

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