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‘The Last of Us’ recap: Ellie is kidnapped by cannibals as Joel fights to get back to her

EntertainmentHollywood'The Last of Us' recap: Ellie is kidnapped by cannibals as Joel fights to get back to her

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Image credit: HBO

last of us Episode 8 begins with a new batch of survivors realizing they don’t have enough food to feed their people. Even with ration, they have only one week left. The situation is getting worse every moment.

Meanwhile, Ellie checks on Joel’s wound after he stitches it up. Joel can barely walk. Ellie takes her gun and leaves the house. She goes to the forest and sees a deer. She shoots it once, but it gets away. She chases it, but the two survivors of this new group, James (played by troy bakerwho voiced Joel in the video game) and David find the first deer and decide to take it.

Bella Ramsey
Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal as Ellie and Joel. (HBO)

Ellie stops them in their tracks. David explains that they are from a large group who are starving. He says he will do business with her. She needs medicine for Joel, so she agrees. Ellie orders James to take the medicine and bring it back in exchange for half of the deer.

Ellie crosses paths with a dangerous gang

David and Ellie are left alone. He provides her with shelter and fire while she waits. Ellie learns that David is a preacher. until he didn’t believe in god Afterwards Apocalypse. They left after the collapse of the Pittsburgh QZ and gradually picked up new ones until they found their permanent settlement at Silver Lake.

David doesn’t believe in fate. “I believe everything happens for a reason,” he tells Ellie. David says that he sent 4 of his men to a nearby town in search of food and only 3 came back. what was not was murder by a “mad man” who was traveling with a girl. Mad Man? Joel. Girl? Ellie.

Let’s turn on the table alley. James points his gun at her, but David tells him to put it down. He orders James to give Eli the medicine for Joel. Ellie doesn’t bite when David says he can protect her. She goes back to Joel to give him the penicillin. She lay down next to him to try and keep warm.

David announces to his men that they are sending a group tomorrow to trace Ellie’s steps so that they can find Joel and “bring that man to justice.” The daughter of the man who killed Joel says they should kill Joel and Ellie. David slaps her in front of everyone.

Ellie continues to give Joel more penicillin, and he is looking a little better. When she steps outside, she sees crows flying away. She soon sees a group including David and James walking through the snow. James questions bringing Ellie back as she would be just another mouth to feed. He thinks “maybe it is God’s will” that he should die here. David does not approve of this mentality.

Scott Shepherd
Scott Shepherd plays David in ‘The Last of Us’. (HBO)

Ellie turns back to Joel and hands him a knife. She tells him that she will take the group away from him. She gets on her horse and shoots at them. David yells at his men to bring him back alive. James follows Ellie and shoots her horse, throwing her to the ground. Before James can kill him, David fires a shot. He takes her back to the township. He orders his men to search for Joel. “If you’re so hungry for vengeance… deliver it,” he says.

joel rises again

One of the men moves a piece of furniture that Ellie had placed in front of the basement door to protect Joel. When he goes down to the basement, Joel is no longer on the mattress. Joel is up and back at it again. Joel stabs the man in the neck and kills him.

When Ellie wakes up after being thrown from a horse, she is in a cage. She asks David why he is being kept like an animal. “Because I’m afraid of you,” he says. He mentions that the others want to kill her, and that she cannot survive on her own.

Meanwhile, Joel captures two of David’s other men and demands to know where Ellie is now. When he did not answer the question, he stabbed a man in the leg. The man finally tells Joel that Ellie is at Silver Lake. Joel shows no mercy and stabs her in the stomach after getting answers. He does not hesitate to kill another man as well.

‘Your heart is violent’

Ellie soon learns that David is more sinister than she ever imagined. She figures out that they are cannibals and not everyone in the township knows. David basically says that desperate times call for desperate measures. “You remind me of me,” David tells Ellie. “You are a natural leader, you are smart, loyal, violent.”

He says, “Your heart is violent, and I should know… I’ve always had a violent heart.” David wants Ellie to join him and lead his people together. “We’ll make this place perfect,” he says. He wants more than just Ellie to move in with him. “Imagine the life we ​​could create,” David tells her, implying that he wants sex with her. When he touches Ellie’s hand, she breaks his finger. She tries to take his key, but he bangs his head against the cage. He quickly runs out of the room.

Joel makes his way through the freezing cold to Silver Lake. He follows the trail of blood and finds a dead horse and three bodies hanging nearby. David returns with James to capture Ellie from the cage. She bites David as he fights them off. They put him on the chopping block and prepare to kill him. Ellie screams that she is infected (but does not mention he is immune, “And now, you are too,” she tells David.

troy baker
Troy Baker as James (HBO)

He continues, “What did you say? Everything happens for a reason, doesn’t it?” Ellie’s confession gives her enough time to grab a butcher’s knife and stab James in the neck with it. She runs out of the room and survives several bullets fired at her by David.

‘you got me’

Ellie grabs a piece of burning wood and hides from David. She throws it towards him, hitting the curtains behind him. The curtains catch fire. Instead of running away, David continues to search for Ellie. He does not believe that he is infected. Fire flares up all around him.

Ellie runs at David and stabs him in the stomach. He throws her to the ground in response. He kicks her and knocks her down as she tries to fight him. “The fighting part is my favorite,” he says. Ellie manages to grab the butcher’s knife that was knocked from her hand and stabs her repeatedly, blood splattering her face. Are.

She runs outside after killing David, and Joel pounces on her from behind. When she turns and sees that it is Joel, she bursts into tears in his arms. “It’s okay, baby. I get you,” Joel tells Ellie as he comforts her.

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