‘The Color Purple’ trailer: Fantasia Barrino shines as Celie in first look at remake


purple colour The musical remake is sure to inspire audiences all over again when it hits theaters on Christmas Day. On May 22, Warner Bros. released the trailer for the upcoming film starring American Idol the winner fantasia barrino In his first film role.

Fantasia Barrino in ‘The Color Purple’. (Warner Bros.)

The first trailer shows the strength of the bond between Celie and her sister, Nettie. They separated as teenagers, and Celie has never forgotten about her sister well into her adult years. When she grows up, Shug Avery takes Sally under his wing. The footage featured Fantasia showing off her incredible vocals.

trailer for director Blitz BajavuleThe musical remake was first shown to audiences at CinemaCon in April. Oprah Winfrey, who played Sofia in the 1985 film and is a producer on the 2023 remake, was there with Blitz to present the footage. Oprah described the upcoming film as a “celebration of brotherhood” that has both “magical realism” and “wholesome, wonderful family goodness”. indiewire, Oprah also said, “They survive because of their inner strength, and that’s how Celie especially finds her voice.” “And in this movie, the guy has a voice.”

halle bailey
Halle Bailey in ‘The Color Purple’. (Warner Bros.)

purple colour stars fantasy, Coleman Domingo, Taraji P. HensonCorey Hawkins, Danielle BrooksHis, ciara, halle baileyDavid Alan GrierAnd Anjanue Ellis, Oprah is one of the producers Steven SpielbergWho directed the 1985 film. quincy jonesThe one who composed the music for the previous film is also a producer.

The upcoming film is a big screen remake of the Tony Award-winning musical that was based on alice novel1982 novel. All projects tell the story of a black woman named Celie living in the rural South during the early 1900s. is the first film based on purple colour was released in 1985 and starred Oprah, Whoopi Goldberg, Margaret AveryAnd Danny Glover, It was nominated for 11 Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Actress for Whoopi, and Best Supporting Actress for Oprah, but did not win in any category.