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‘The Bachelor’: Greer’s fate after COVID revealed as Zach picks his Final 4

EntertainmentHollywood'The Bachelor': Greer's fate after COVID revealed as Zach picks his Final 4

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The March 6 episode featured seven women the Bachelorbut with Greer Blitzer still in quarantine testing positive for COVID-19only six of them had dates zach shalcross This week. started with katy biggar‘S Face-to-face, she became the first woman to have a second solo date this season. Zach and Kaity progress their relationship and she vents about her father not being in her life, and then feeling abandoned by the man who has become her father figure. Zach gave Katy a rose at the end of their one-on-one, confirming that he was ready to meet his family on next week’s hometown dates.

The women chosen for the group date were Gabby Elnicki, charity lawson, ariel frankel And Cat Izzo, Kat was particularly upset about not being selected for the final face-off before Hometown, and her emotions began to pour out. The group date, as per usual, was extremely emotional, as the ladies and Zach met with a psychic who brought some of their biggest fears to the fore. During her time with The Mentalist, Kat admitted that there were times when she questioned whether or not she wanted to continue her journey with Zach. She admitted that she thought she was the right woman for Zach, but it was clear that doubt was creeping in.

zach shallcross kaity biggar
Zach is chatting with Kaity. (ABC)

At the after party, each woman got a chance to talk privately with Zach and share even more. Gabi opens up about having ADHD, while Charity assures Zach that she trusted him completely, despite having been betrayed in the past. Meanwhile, Ariel tells Zach that she felt she could let down her walls with him, which has always been difficult for her to do. Kat knew that her conversation with Zach at the after party was important, and she left her talk feeling much better about their relationship than the day before.

Earlier brooklyn willie On a one-on-one date, Greer finally got to see Zach as his COVID quarantine ended. Greer was hopeful that she and Zach would still have a relationship, despite the fact that they had not seen each other in person for nearly three weeks (before Greer had COVID, Zach was in quarantine after ) own test positive, Greer tells Zach that she still feels strong enough in their relationship to introduce him to her family on their hometown date. Unfortunately, he was not there.

“It’s literally days away,” Zach admitted. “I have to do whatever feels right. From day one until now, I’ve just been following my gut and my heart. And to give a hometown rose, I need to feel 100 percent confident that I can see the future and I don’t feel like it. I never wanted to tie you down. I just wanted to let you know how I feel about this and I’m sorry.” Greer burst into tears, but told Zach that she understood where he was coming from. “I respect that,” she shared. “Time is really of the essence and we don’t have a lot of it and I have to admit it. I really appreciate you being so honest and transparent with me.”

Greer Blitzer Zach Shollcross
Zach is giving a rose to Greer at the previous rose ceremony. (ABC)

However, she was not the only one who faced rejection. Zach and Brooklyn had a great time during their one-on-one date, but partway through dinner, they realized there was no future between them. Brooklyn opened up about how close he is to his mother and grandfather, who raised him because his biological father was not in his life. She admitted that it was hard for her to introduce someone to her family because she was with her abusive ex. Although she assured Zach that she was ready to bring him home, he was unwilling to take that step because he was unsure of their future and did not want to meet the people who were so important to him when He doubted.

Zach Shallcross Brooklyn Willie
Zach Shallcross chats with Brooklyn. (ABC)

“I know it’s a strong connection you have and hearing you talk about your grandpa and how your mom and grandpa raised you and made you into the woman that you are and they know the love you have for Deserves and you deserve and should get it,” Zach said. “But this whole week, I haven’t been able to figure it out but there’s a block or something that just hasn’t clicked. The biggest struggle I’ve had today is trying to figure out why it’s not clicking . I would never want anything to be forced or misled in any way. It is not fair to you not to be completely sure and not completely sure to meet your family. It It’s been tough, but I want you to know that you deserve the love that I can’t give you.” Zach and Brooklyn were both in tears as he said goodbye.

Going into the rose ceremony, Katy had already taken a rose from a one-on-one date, while Gabi had taken a rose from a group date. Zach gave the next rose to Ariel, and the final rose to Charity, meaning Kat was sent home as well. “You and I had the best, strongest relationship ever. I felt like it was incredible in the Bahamas [on our one-on-one], “Zack explained to Kat. “But in the last few weeks, that changed. I could not see an assured future in us. I tried to make sense of it somehow. It’s nothing you did. I had to look at everything and just go where that feeling in my gut was. Zach becomes emotional after saying goodbye and Kat cries in the car on the way out.

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