‘Starstruck’: Young Jets in awe of QB Rodgers


Florham Park, New Jersey — Aaron Rodgerson new friends new york jets Have spent a week getting to know him – on and off the field – and he doesn’t mind admitting that they are intimidated by his presence.

linebacker quincy williams26, said he was “stunned” to see his new quarterback for the first time on the practice field.

wide receiver Garrett Wilson22, recounted seeing the four-time MVP in the weight room, and said, “It’s 20 years from now, 30 years from now, I’ll be telling my kids: ‘Who I played with Aaron Rodgers,

guard alijah vera-tucker23, said that the sight of Rodgers in the crowd created “a surreal feeling”.

cornerback sauce gardner22, sitting next to Rodgers in celebrity row new York KnicksTuesday night playoff game at Madison Square Garden, rubbing elbows with Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan and Dave Chappelle.

“Everybody knew who he was,” Gardner said of Rodgers while sharing the moment with reporters on a Zoom call on Wednesday. “I was able to live in his shadow for a little bit. It was a great feeling.”

These are some of the Jets’ brightest young stars, yet they seemed a little overwhelmed by Rodgers’ arrival in New York.

Rogers, whose trade with the Jets became official last Wednesday, remained in New Jersey rather than return home to California. they have not participated in voluntary exercise in recent years green Bay PackersBut as he tries to adjust to his new team, he breaks with his ideal.

He has raised the energy level – and expectation level – around the Jets, who haven’t made the playoffs since 2010, the NFL’s longest active postseason drought.

“We hope to compete with everybody in the league, beat everybody in the league, be one of the better teams in the league,” said NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Wilson. “We hope to do that. I’d be lying if I said we have someone with Aaron Rodgers’ pedigree and the hopes aren’t a little high.

“We know what comes with it. We know, all of a sudden, eyes are on us, and we have to take it back every time we take the field, practice or play. We’re excited to prove that every week.” . We know we have what it takes, we’re excited to prove it to the world every week.”

The Jets haven’t had a true star quarterback since 2008, when Brett Favre — Rodgers’ predecessor in Green Bay — started for one season, then bolted.

Rodgers is enjoying his New York arrival, having attended three sporting events at the Garden and getting face time on the giant video screens. He has received loud applause every time. New York Mets is asked to throw out the first pitch in a game, he said Tuesday on “The Pat McAfee Show.”

Gardner and Rodgers dined in Manhattan before a Knicks game — Rodgers picked up the check — and sat under the stars. Gardner said Rodgers, 39, teased him about his age throughout the game.

“He was hitting on me for being young,” said the 22-year-old Gardner, the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year. “We were sitting down, and he was like, ‘We’re going to sit next to Jessica Alba.’ I was like, ‘Oh, I don’t know who that is.’ He looked at me like I was crazy.”

On the practice field, Gardner can’t help but stare at his new quarterback.

“I always find myself looking at him for how comfortable he looks and how effortless it looks,” Gardner said.

When she turned and saw Rodgers, Williams took a second to digest the moment. Williams said, “I won’t lie to you: I was a little bit starstruck.” “I was like, ‘Wait, Coach, give me just a little minute to take it,’ just to see a few throws and see him on the green.”

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