Skin Care Tips: 5 Things To Avoid While Treating Sunburn


We all know that sunscreen is one skin care product that should not be neglected. But there are times when you forget to apply it or forget to reapply it after a few hours. This can eventually cause your skin to get sunburned. Yes, sunburn makes your skin hot when you touch it. But should you apply an ice pack to the affected area to cool it down? Read on to know what things to avoid after getting sunburnt.

Health Shots Delhi based Dermatologist and Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr Navneet Haror Know about Sunburn.

Sunburn is caused by being in too much sunlight. Image Courtesy: shutterstock

What is Sunburn?

It’s an aggravated skin condition you can blame the sun for. Yes, excessive exposure to the sun can inflame your skin, say experts. It can be painful or make you feel pain. It may feel hot to the touch and your skin may scaly or peel for a few days after getting a sunburn.

things not to apply on sunburn

In case of sunburn, the areas exposed to the sun will be greatly affected. But not all, as parts covered by hats, sunglasses, gloves or long-sleeved tops will survive. Sunburn damages the skin, so there are some things that can make a sunburn worse. Here’s what to avoid:

1. Do not use petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly Very good for dry skin as it helps in softening the skin. But it also blocks the pores of the skin, says Dr. Haror. When this happens, heat and sweat cannot escape and this leads to infection.

2. Stay away from ice packs

Ice packs are often used to cool us down and they seem perfect for summers. But they block moisture formation and dry out the skin, and dryness can exacerbate pain.

3. Do not pop any blisters

If you pop blisters because of a sunburn, it can slow healing and cause more damage to your skin. The expert says that you should not even scratch or scrape the skin as there can be chances of scarring or infection.

4. Don’t wear tight fitting clothes

When your skin is sunburned, you should avoid wearing clothing that clings to your skin. Tight clothing on the sunburnt area will only be painful, irritate your skin, and trap heat. All this will slow down the healing process. In addition, it will aggravate the situation, which will cause extreme discomfort. So say no to tight leather pants or body-hugging outfits while sunburnt.

5. Don’t Treat Sunburn With Products That End in “-Ken”

Some people use products such as benzocaine to self-treat sunburns. But these should be avoided as these can irritate the skin or even cause an allergic reaction, says Dr Haror.

Follow the Do’s and Don’ts during Sunburn. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

Tips for Treating Sunburn

can take measures prevent sunburn or get some relief, but it may take several days for the sunburn to subside.

Here are some helpful self-care tips –

• Stay indoors in cool climates.
• Take frequent cool baths or showers to get some relief from the pain caused by sunburn.
• As soon as you get out of the bathroom, gently pat yourself dry, but leave some water on your skin.
• Apply moisturizer after showering to help your skin retain water. This can help reduce dryness.
• Use a moisturizer containing aloe vera to soothe sunburnt skin.
• If there is a particular area that feels very uncomfortable, you can apply hydrocortisone cream.
• When you get a sunburn, it draws fluid to the surface of the skin and away from the rest of the body. That’s why drinking extra water helps when you’re sunburnt. prevent dehydration,

If you still feel pain or the symptoms do not subside even after following the dos and don’ts for sunburn treatment, consult a doctor.

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