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Shazam! Fury of the Gods review: A fun sequel full of big surprises

EntertainmentMovies/ReviewsShazam! Fury of the Gods review: A fun sequel full of big surprises
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Billy Batson and his grieving foster family test their superhero mettle against an ancient threat with a deadly grudge. Shazam! fury of the gods Brings a much-needed levity, humor and heart to a comic book genre that has been mournful and depressing. Children grow up and have to deal with adult problems, but when given the chance, they reach their true potential. Funny sequel improves on the original characters of the next logical step of their development. It’s not all chuckles with solid action thrills and enough darkness to make the villains truly dangerous.

A mistake made during the climax of the previous film breaks a barrier that unleashes the exiled gods. The daughters of Atlas, Hespera (Helen Mirren) and Calypso (Lucy Liu), raid a museum to recover an important artifact. They make their intentions known by using the restored magic to corrupt, punish, and kill. Humans are weak creatures that should be dealt with on a whim. They will feel the anger that has been boiling for thousands of years.

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In Philadelphia, Billy (ZACHARY LEVY, ASHER ANGEL) struggles to join his siblings on a team of legitimate superheroes. Their inability to act in unison leads to disastrous unintended consequences. Billy also faces another troubling problem. He turns eighteen in five months and will be out of foster care. His loving adoptive parents (Marta Millen, Cooper Andrews) will no longer have the financial support to care for him. Billy doesn’t want to be a burden and feels unworthy of his alter ego’s incredible powers.

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Meanwhile, life has taken a positive turn for Freddy (JACK DYLAN GRAZER). He appreciates Billy’s intention to improve them but prefers to fly alone. Freddy overcomes his inability to fight crime as an adult (Adam Brody). He is still bullied at school but is happy that a beautiful new girl (Rachel Ziegler) has taken a keen interest in him.

Zachary Levy’s Hilarious

shazam fury of the gods
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Shazam! fury of the gods Will you be laughing out loud continuously? Levi is absolutely hilarious as a teenager trying to deal with a doomsday scenario. There is no quiet contemplation for him or his brothers and sisters. The scenes where they discuss possible solutions and battle strategy are comical. Darla (Faithe Herman), the youngest, almost steals the show with her sweet innocence and naïveté as an older woman (Megan Good). The Daughters of Atlas soon learn that the conquerors of Earth are not mature adversaries.

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The film uses Greek mythology and magic in creative ways. There are “Potteresque” elements that drive the narrative. Kids get to learn about their enemies and how to fight them. The Rock of Eternity, his superhero lair, is similar to a common room at Hogwarts. A clever second act finds the heroes exploring and discovering useful new allies in a world that was previously a mystery. Billy’s hope for them to work together is revealed in a natural and adventurous way.

a dynamite finale

Shazam! fury of the gods Has a dynamite finale. The film reaches a spectacular conclusion with big surprises. It does not make the mistake of taking an early exit and ends on a sizzling high note. Stay tuned during and after the credits.

Shazam! fury of the gods New Line Cinema is a production of DC Studios, The Safran Company and Seven Bucks Productions. It will release theatrically on March 17 warner brothers,

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