Senior Spotlight: Ella Cornwell (women’s track and field)


Name, Ella Cornwell
Play: Women’s Track and Field
hometown: South Pasadena, Calif.
large companies: Public Policy and Global Studies

Why did you choose UChicago?
I knew that UChicago checked all the boxes of what I wanted in college, but what really sold me was getting to meet and meet my future teammates. It was also really important for me to have a female throw coach!

Favorite moment of your UChicago athletic career?
I think I will always have the best memories when my teammates have outstanding personal bests or wins and I get to cheer them on and celebrate with them. I am the #1 fan of UCTF.

Favorite Team Tradition/Activity?
There’s nothing better than cheering on the 4×400 at the end of the meet!

Why did you originally fall in love with your sport?
I love throwing as a fifth grader competing in my town’s elementary school track meet. I played all kinds of sports growing up, but throwing always seemed like what I was made for.

What lessons have you learned through competing in your sport that have stuck with you?
Resting, having fun, and feeling good will always lead to performing at your best.

What advice would you give to your fellow first years?
Allow yourself to enjoy every moment with teammates, during practice, even a five-hour bus ride. Being in such an environment is such a special opportunity and time in your life, take advantage of it!

Favorite UChicago class you learned the most from and why?
I really like the one I’m taking now – Inequality, Household Finance and Tax Policy. There is a lecture component, but we are also trained as tax preparers and meet once a week to volunteer with a nonprofit that serves low-income residents of the South Side. . I loved putting class work into practice!

Which UChicago faculty or staff member has had the greatest influence on you and why?
I took a few classes with Tasneem Mandviwala in the gender studies department, just because of how amazing she was. I’ve always been interested in Gender Studies, but her classes made me understand the importance of intersectionality and really created a different lens through which I view the world.

Favorite place on campus?
My go-to is Harper’s Cafe. I’ve probably made up 50 percent of their bagel sales in the last four years.

Favorite thing to do in the city?
Visit my favorite blues venue in Lincoln Park.

What are your post-graduation plans?
I plan to work in non-profit development in New York or Washington DC (or I may join the Peace Corps…we’ll see).

In addition to your current sport, which sport or activity do you think you would most excel at?
water polo!

Favorite Chicago Restaurant?
Del Seoul (not to be confused with Seoul Taco, but also serving Korean tacos).

Favorite place you visited?
Lake Como, Italy.

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