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See Julia Roberts’ candid reaction to revealing she’s not really a Roberts

EntertainmentMovies/ReviewsSee Julia Roberts' candid reaction to revealing she's not really a Roberts
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Moviegoers have been familiar with movie star Julia Roberts for more than three decades. While they know the Oscar-winning actress by her famous name, it may not be her real name. Recently, Roberts made a surprising revelation about her famous last name when looking into her family history. beautiful woman In a viral clip, the star was told that she was not, in fact, Roberts.

The Hollywood Icon Received Surprising News While Participating in the Popular PBS Series finding your roots, Roberts was shocked to learn that the man she thought was her great-grandfather was not related to her. This caused a supernatural reaction from the world ticket to heaven Starr was not genuine upon discovering part of her family history. check it out TIC Toc Clip below to see Roberts’ full response.

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