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‘School Spirits’ star Milo Mannheim teases Wally and Maddie’s ‘connection’ and ‘satisfying’ murder mystery (EXCLUSIVE)

EntertainmentHollywood'School Spirits' star Milo Mannheim teases Wally and Maddie's 'connection' and 'satisfying' murder mystery (EXCLUSIVE)
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High school is already tough. But it gets even more complicated when you die. milo mannheim Stars as Wally in new Paramount+ series school spirits, He crosses paths with Maddie, played by Peyton Listwho finds himself trapped in the other world. HollywoodLife spoke exclusively with Milo about Wally and Maddie’s dynamic.

Milo Mannheim as Wally. (top+)

“I think he has this inexplicable connection with her at first, and he tries to calm it down when he sees her for the first time,” Milo explained. HollywoodLife During the press junket of the show. “But I think deep down he’s really, really excited for a new person, and then when he gets to know her I think he likes her more and more. I think he’s just that person.” Loves Joe for who he is and as the show goes on, they relate to a lot of things. It’s one of my favorite aspects of the show and Wally’s story is just how he and Maddie connect.

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Maddie isn’t just about hanging out and relaxing in the afterlife. She investigates his mysterious disappearance in the real world. Milo added that Wally wants to “keep the peace” at all times and does not like to see Maddie “sad and confused”. He added, “As he investigates his situation, I think he himself becomes really interested in what happened and becomes confused and curious.”

during the season, dead body alum found out that school spirits I’ll be doing a deep dive into Wally’s personal life in the afterlife and the real world… I was really, really satisfied with everything Wally had to do and be who he was. There were so many relationships that I could make with her. Wally amazing. It is very refreshing to play a character like him who is very happy and fun.

milo mannheim
Milo Mannheim and Peyton List in ‘School Spirits. (top+)

The big question hanging over the show is what really happened to Maddie? While Milo could not reveal any spoilers, he said that “there were tears, there was laughter, there was a big collective sigh and there was a sigh of relief” during the finale table reading. He said, “I was extremely satisfied with how the show ended, and I think the audience is going to be satisfied as well.”

What about season 2? Milo said, “If we have a second season, that leaves a lot to explore in a second season, which I would love to have. I think it would be even better.” school spirits Premieres March 9 on Paramount+.

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