Saints Morrow may join OTAs despite diagnosis


Metairie, La. , new orleans saints Coach Dennis Allen said there is “absolutely” a chance that newly signed tight end foster morrow Attends OTAs in two weeks.

Morrow, who has been receiving treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma, signed with the Saints last week after taking a brief break from football earlier in the spring. He was diagnosed in March after the Saints’ medical staff noticed possible signs of illness during a physical examination of Morrow during the free agency visit.

Allen said that since that day everything has been positive only considering the circumstances. Morrow was able to jump back into football six weeks after the potentially life-changing diagnosis.

“You get this negative information that clearly affects the young man’s life, and yet, the prognosis has all been extremely positive in terms of the prognosis for recovery and the treatment plan,” Allen said. “And so, in that way, we feel good about it.”

Although Morrow stepped away from football for his treatment, communication with the Saints resumed after the trade. Adam Trautman As far as denver broncos during the draft.

“I think we knew he was going to get cleared to participate and we felt we were a destination he was definitely interested in.” And we had some communication as soon as the draft ended. I would say we knew where we were looking and it was just a matter of trying something.”

Allen said he did not anticipate any issues regarding Morrow’s ability to participate in team activities from what doctors have told him.

A source told ESPN last week that Morrow could return to football next week. Allen said that Saint would defer to Moreau’s doctors to have the final say.

“It’s not our area of ​​expertise, so we rely on the doctors out there in terms of making a good decision. [Saints team physician John Amoss] In fact, felt really positive about not only the treatment plan for him, but his ability to recover and participate again,” Allen said. Deal with. Obviously this is a serious medical condition, so you never want to take it lightly.”

The wait could be long to see the Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas, who is still recovering from a toe injury that ended his 2022 season after three games. Allen announced in November that Thomas’ second toe had become dislocated which would require surgery.

Allen recently said on the “Rich Eisen Show” that training camp was the time for Thomas to return to full participation.

“He had some hardware in his leg that he took out maybe a week, a week and a half ago,” Allen said. “We feel good about where he is in terms of his recovery, and when we get him out here, we’re going to hopefully get him out here and get that player which we had in the past.”

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