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Russia’s energy grid attacks, atrocities in Ukraine may be crimes against humanity: UN rights probe

WorldEuropeRussia's energy grid attacks, atrocities in Ukraine may be crimes against humanity: UN rights probe
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According to commission of inquiry on ukrainewas established a year ago at the request of human rights councilRussian troops committed a “wide range” of violations across the country, many of which are war crimes.

These include Attacks with explosive weapons in populated areas, intentional killing of civilians, unlawful imprisonment, torture, rape and other sexual violenceAs well as the illegal transfer and deportation of children.

Also, Russian attacks against Ukraine’s energy grid leaving millions without power in cold temperatures.

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Speaking in Geneva, chairperson Eric Mose said the commission found that “the waves of attacks on Ukraine’s energy-related infrastructure by Russian armed forces since 10 October 2022, and the use of torture by Russian authorities, may constitute crimes against humanity” is”, recommending further investigation.

pattern of war crimes

For the report, which covers nine Ukrainian regions, investigators visited and interviewed 56 cities. about 600 witnesses,

Conclusions are made on the basis of commission first report which was released in October last year found that war crimes had been committed At the beginning of the conflict by Russia in the regions of Kiev, Chernihiv, Kharkiv and Sumy.

attacks on civilian infrastructure

According to the commissioners, the Russian Armed Forces committed “indiscriminate and disproportionate” attacks in areas with a high concentration of civilians, which is a violation of international humanitarian law.

These attacks affected residential buildings, hospitals and shops, causing civilian casualties and “Pattern of defiance on the part of the Russian Armed Forces for the need to minimize civilian losses”.

The destruction of buildings and infrastructure in Ukraine has caused extensive environmental damage.

Systematic torture needs further investigation

A key finding of the report relates to “widespread” illegal imprisonment in areas controlled by the Russian Armed Forces, running simultaneously “consistent” methods of torture by Russian officials.

Commissioner Pablo de Greif said that Russian authorities used torture in a “systematic” manner in the areas investigated by the commission, and there “elements of planning and the availability of resources ”indicating that the Russian authorities may have committed a crime against humanity,

He said the commission recommended further investigation “to determine whether those violations extended beyond a specific policy.”

sexual violence and deportation of children

report highlights “Many” instances of rape and sexual violence perpetrated by Russian military personnel, especially during house searches in the cities that were under their control and custody. Commissioner Jasminka Dzumhur said that the The victims were men, women and children aged between four and 82.,

Another war crime committed by Russian officials has been found Transfer and deportation of children who have lost their parents Or separated from them, from Ukraine to Russia. The report states that these transfers were “not justified for security or medical reasons”, and thus contrary to international humanitarian law.

According to witnesses interviewed by the commission, “many young children who were transferred were not able to establish contact with their families and may lose contact with them indefinitely,

The commission also documented A “limited number” of violations committed by the Ukrainian Armed Forcesincluding two incidents that qualify as war crimes, where Russian prisoners of war were shot, wounded, and tortured.

need for accountability

The report highlights the “profound loss and trauma” of survivors and recommends that all perpetrators of violations and crimes be held accountable through Judicial proceedings in accordance with international human rights standards“Either nationally or internationally”.

The commission also called for a “comprehensive” approach to accountability that includes both criminal responsibility and victims’ rights to truth, reparation and non-recidivism.

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