‘Ronj’ Recap: Teresa Panics After Louis Unknowingly Shades Joe & Melissa On Camera


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Teresa Giudice Prefers to appear innocent in her long-running feud with her brother Who and sister in law Melissa Gorgabut during a “hot mic” moment May 2 episode Of real housewives of new jersey He may have revealed how he too is guilty of creating issues within his family. When she and her two daughters were on their way to her surprise bridal shower, Teresa’s then-fiancé louis Ruelas Told her about an upcoming dinner he was planning for a group of friends. Louis just wanted to confirm some details, so he mentioned inviting everyone “except Melissa and Joe” to them.

“I’m not inviting them,” he said. But before he could say anything else, Teresa put him off speakerphone and asked, “You know the cameras are on, and we’re filming, right?” All he could say was, “Oh s***… okay.” Apparently, he was caught on camera saying something Teresa didn’t want him to say because let’s be honest – she doesn’t want to be seen as the culprit in their family drama ever again. But alas, it was not a good look.

“If you invite [people], you have to invite everyone. You just can’t do something and not others,” she told him, but it was hard to tell whether that was how she really felt or was just saying something because Louis was on camera talking about a different plan. Imprisoned – The one that doesn’t invite Joe and Melissa to join them.

Milania Giudicewho was in the car with Teresa, asked “why” Joe and Melissa would be invited, and Teresa told her, “When you’re upset and angry, it takes more energy. It feels good to be happy.” “

Then, in her personal confession, she said, “I don’t like to tell the kids everything that’s going on with my brother and Melissa, unless I have to. There’s no reason to tell them anything right now.” With the wedding a week away, I am so close to my happy ever after.

On the other side of things, Melissa told Joe this week that she feels like her relationship with Teresa has hit a brick wall and is ready to give up for good. No wonder she completely backs off after learning Teresa, jennifer aidin And Danielle cabral spreading rumors about him allegedly cheated, It’s going to be a wild ending,

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