‘Ronj’ recap: Luis Ruelas slaps ‘disgusting’ Joe Gorga, compares him to a ‘rat’ and a ‘snake’


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May 6 episode real housewives of new jersey started with the introduction of jane fesslermother of Merlin and aunt caroline, who are identical twins in their 80s. they went to Margaret Josephhome for a lunch date, during which Jen revealed that the twins were born in Brooklyn and were best friends Barbara streisand On growing up Apparently, iconic singers used to sing at their house as Jane’s grandmother played music on the piano. It was a great scene that allowed viewers to get to know Jane on a deeper level, but as always, the conversation eventually turned to Teresa Giudice And Melissa GorgaFamily issues of Margaret and Jane also talk about how “immature” daniel cabral was during artists tour of ireland, But Jane’s mother and aunt were more interested in Teresa and Melissa’s drama. Marilyn and Carolyn asked the ladies if they thought Melissa would go to Teresa’s wedding, and she said she hoped she would, but only time would tell.

Later, the Catanias go out for a celebratory family dinner, Paul And Britney Involved. forthright catania continues to hit on Paul, but as Frank gets to know Paul better through conversation, he becomes more “infatuated” with her. obviously made dolores catania She was delighted, but she was taken aback when Paul hinted that he might propose soon. Frank asked if he had seen the rings yet, and Paul said he had already bought one.

More on Teresa louis RuelasThe newlyweds to be in the house were busy finalizing the seating arrangements for their wedding. Then when Luis asks Teresa how their bridal shower was going, Teresa starts cursing at Melissa, saying that her actions don’t match what’s really happening behind closed doors. Apparently, Teresa felt she had to follow Melissa to find out if she and Who Gorga The wedding will be followed by a rehearsal dinner and brunch in the morning. Teresa shows Luis some text messages that she and Melissa sent each other, and it seems like Melissa only found out about isolated incidents Day before marriage. Melissa said they put off the wedding day so they could be there, but since they were finding out about other events, and had already made plans for those days, they would have to miss. But Teresa is evasive in her text reply to Melissa, saying that if she RSVPs to start, she’ll be able to see the other events. Regardless, “You know there’s going to be a rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding,” Teresa told Luis.

Luis states that Melissa and Joe make him “sick”, but Teresa puts most of the blame on Melissa. She said that Joe’s actions are a result of Melissa “living in his ears all these years”, however, Louis said that no one is trying to set things right. He said that everyone just likes to blame each other. He then reveals that Teresa’s ex Who Giudice Recently called him after hearing about the family drama Jia Giudiceand added, “Don’t let Joe Gorga interfere in your life because he’s going to try to do that. He’s going to feel intimidated. He’s insecure.

Teresa then made a wild claim, saying that she and Joe Giudice only fought because of his brother. Although, he must be pretending to have amnesia, because we can think several times When they fought on camera and the argument had nothing to do with Joe and Melissa Gorga.

Either way, Luis calls Joe Gorga “garbage” and says that after they get married, he won’t allow anyone to play drama in Teresa’s life like that.

In some filler scenes, Rachel And John fuda Share big news with son jaden About that want to adopt himDanielle and her mother attempt to move on from the pain Danielle’s brother caused the family, and jennifer aidin Helped her brother and his wife to move into a new apartment in New Jersey.

But after that, we see the cast begin prepping for Dolores and Paul’s Prohibition-themed party, which won’t actually be shown until next week’s season finale, And while everyone was getting ready to party, Jennifer and Danielle hinted that they would finally reveal the rumor. melissa is allegedly cheating Later that night at Joe’s. Danielle said she wants to “clear the air” – she hopes Melissa doesn’t “shoot the messenger”. And according to Jennifer, Teresa believes the rumor about Melissa because if the information comes from Margaret, it would explain why Melissa blindly defended Margaret last season amid Margaret’s attacks against Louis.

Back at Teresa’s house, Luis tells her how he really feels about Joe. Louis said he was “insulted” when Joe told Teresa she looked “pathetic”. He tells Teresa that she is living her “best life”, and that all Joe has ever done is “manipulate” and “gaslight”. Louis said that Joe is always “calculating” and planning ways to hurt her and that it is “disgusting”. Teresa calmly said that she just wanted peace and that she didn’t want to cause any more drama, but that wasn’t enough for Luis. He originally wanted her to say that she would cut Jo out of her life for good. He attempted to tell her how “peaceful” their life has become since he stopped talking to Joe and Melissa 2-3 weeks ago, and that he has stopped dealing with them. He told Teresa that he was “ready to react”, and that if he “kept going down that road” with Joe and Melissa at Dolores’ party, Teresa was “not going to recognize him”. “It’s scary what could happen tonight,” Luis told Teresa. “I also don’t want your brother to come to our wedding.”

Want more drama? season finale of real housewives of new jersey Airs next week on May 16 at 8PM on Bravo.