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‘Ronj’ recap: Jennifer Aydin finally gets husband Bill for couples therapy

EntertainmentHollywood'Ronj' recap: Jennifer Aydin finally gets husband Bill for couples therapy
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Image credit: Rodolfo Martinez / Bravo

At the beginning of the March 14 episode real housewives of new jersey, Teresa Giudice met her therapist to talk about her broken relationship with her brother, Who Gorga, After producers showed her a bunch of clips of Teresa’s erratic behavior in the past, Teresa told her therapist she is “afraid” of her brother and don’t want to be around His Now erratic behavior. So the therapist told her that if she wanted the behavior to stop, she could choose to do so — and that “if he didn’t listen” she would Only “Proceed” option left,

next Margaret Joseph‘ surgery, Jane fessler Went to his house for lunch. While there, Jane tells Margaret that jennifer aidin Apologies for being too loud at my brunch last week. But Jennifer also blames Margaret for provoking her and Jane tells Margaret that she said things she shouldn’t have said. Jane tells Margaret that she acted like a 16-year-old arguing with Jennifer Aydin and that it needs to stop. Margaret agreed.

Later, dolores cataniafather came to visit with his daughter and Polly As Dolores’ charity softball event approaches. Dolores and Paulie reveal that his heart often goes in and out of rhythm so he needed to go to the hospital for surgery. Then, Dolores and her father took their dog outside for a while. While outside, Dolores’ father tells her that she looks really happy with Paulie and she says that she is. She also revealed that because of her relationship with him, she is backing away from her ex, forthright, and talk less to him. And his father said that it is understandable.

Speaking of Frank, he and his girlfriend met Rachel fuda, Melissa Gorga, and her husband was in a batting cage, and he admitted to missing Dolores. He also revealed how she ignores a lot of his text messages as well. While in the batting cages, Rachel also reveals that Teresa and Jennifer told her be careful around margaret, leading Melissa to believe that Teresa’s rekindled friendship with Margaret has been anything but rekindled. “I know a fake when I see it,” Melissa said. He also added that he thinks Teresa is only being nice to Margaret because louis Ruelas He tells her that he has started digging up things from his past. Teresa has to befriend Margaret to stop the leak.

at the Dolores charity softball event, daniel cabral Rachel confirms what she said when she confesses to Teresa and Jennifer tells her that Margaret is “better friend than foe”. But because it was a charity event, Margaret kept the information to herself and didn’t make any drama. Even Joe and Teresa hug each other. Everyone actually left their pretend house for Dolores’ big event, which raised $200,000!

However, it was also at the game that Frank tells Dolores that he misses her. Well, Joe raised it, but Frank confirmed it. she said this with tears in her eyes, and Dolores states that she is doing what she needs to do in honor of her new relationship with Paulie. and she wants Frank to “call it off”. Especially since he ended their relationship 20 years ago. He can’t have his cake and eat it too.

Rachel later reveals to Jennifer that she is Jennifer’s daughter. Olivia Jennifer says she wants to be a love therapist when she grows up, leading Jennifer to believe that Bill’s infidelity was revealed because of her. So after the game, Jennifer tells Bill and he finally agrees to go to couple’s therapy and resolve their issues – once and for all. He didn’t get very far with his therapist in the first session, but it seemed clear he had a lot of work to do.

want more? new episodes of real housewives of new jersey Airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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