Read the articles of impeachment against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton


Embarrassed Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton could become the third official in state history to be impeached.

After months of investigating an elected official, a panel of lawmakers on Thursday recommended impeaching Paxton, who has long been under criminal indictment and at the center of a whistleblower trial.

The committee, which includes Fort Worth Republican Charlie Gerren, heard hours of testimony Wednesday from attorneys who recounted years of corruption allegations related to his felony securities fraud indictment, as well as the whistleblower suit where Paxton was accused. Retaliation Against Employees for Reporting to the FBI,

The lawsuit was settled for $3.3 million. to be funded with taxpayer dollars, which House Speaker Dead Felon Receives Protest,

Wednesday’s hearings and investigation converged on Thursday’s unanimous decision to recommend Paxton’s indictment.

The articles were released for review on Thursday evening.

read articles of impeachment

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