Queen Charlotte A Bridgerton Story review: This Netflix prequel is a royal treat


Well now… looks like we’ve been waiting Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story With everyone Thrice a delightful if not completely regal attraction for Bridgerton-Poem, bridgerton Enthralled viewers for the first time when it arrived on Netflix in 2020, has given viewers time and again shirtless and brooding reggae-jean page To flatter. Season two followed similar suit as it chronicled the romance between Lord Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey, shirtless and then some) and Lady Kate (Simone Ashley) in full-on overthinking mode.

but with queen charlotte, Series Creator/Showrunner/Writer Shonda Rhimes (grey’s anatomy, What makes it even more remarkable: A memorable and engaging six-episode prequel companion to the flagship series that will impress you with its layered storytelling, depth, and heart.

Maybe Lady Whistledown bridgerton‘S The ever-curious scribe summed it up best: “This treasure is poised to join the Queen’s choice of ever-much-cherished crown jewels.” That’s certainly the case here. India headlines with fiery joy by Amarteifio (evermoor) in the title role, queen charlotte takes place decades before the events in bridgerton, But we occasionally dip into that series’ timeline, following several story arcs — one we’ve come to know involving an older Queen Charlotte (Golda Rochelle) and a curious thread from the past that involves lady agatha danbury (Adjoa Andoh) and Lady Violet Ledger Bridgerton (Ruth Gemmell).

But the heart of this series is surprisingly rooted in the past, with Queen Charlotte rising to prominence and power. The story is that the young queen’s marriage to King George III (an extravaganza on the trail of Corey Mylchrist) was both a stellar love story and a significant social change, creating Regency high society – known as the Ton – inherited characters Bridgerton. said that, queen charlotte Stands out, but not for the reasons you might think.

not your average cutie-meTea


first episode of queen charlotte finds our lovable hero facing many battles. In an effort to secure the fate of his family and country, his brother Adolphus (Tunji Kasim) Charlotte is arranged to marry King George III. Charlotte is only 17 and doesn’t like the idea, but they hitch a ride.

Back at the royal palace, Charlotte has other plans. She retreats to the gardens and contemplates how she might get past the palace walls. A tied up young boy charms her with his infectious grin, and it’s all right, all right, Bridgerton-It didn’t take Y Charlotte long to figure out who this guy was. (Hello, George.) Impressed, she agrees to marry a man she’s never met—until 10 minutes ago. Happy-ever-afters here.

not enough. Of course the wedding is grand. The royal treatment and all that. Honeymoon? Not so much. It’s best to experience all that for yourself, but Charlotte soon learns that she and the King will have separate residences. George also suddenly becomes emotionally distant, perhaps aloof. Why? Then there’s all this fuss about being courted by countless servants, chief among them Brimsley (Sam Clemet in good form), who has devoted his life to His Royal Highness. He always walks at least six feet behind her, it’s a hoot. Well, Charlotte is her own woman. He won’t have it. Nor can she feel alienated from the man she has married. what the bloody hell is happening?

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Shonda Rhimes and director Tom Verica have done a lovely job bringing us into this time period and establishing Charlotte’s plight from the get-go. To our delight, other bridgerton characters appear. Young Agatha Danbury (Arsima Thomas) features prominently in the entertainment, in if not sometimes off-putting scenes, especially between her and her older husband, Lord Danbury (Cyril Nri), to whom she, like Charlotte, is in an arranged marriage. Got engaged. Over time, these two young women form a bond that we later establish between them Bridgerton. About that…

Queen Charlotte walks back and forth through time

queen charlotte young and old

Once queen charlotte sets up its foundation, the audience is offered a glimpse of what’s to come bridgerton real time. It’s clearly a deliberate yet welcome attempt to catch viewers up on matters before season three of the hit show returns. Things turn sour between Lady Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) and Eloise (Claudia Jesse) when Eloise finds out that her dear friend had – Good Lord! – Lady Whistledown (voiced by Julie Andrews), gossip hound for Ton.

Lady Violet tells Lady Agatha that the two are not talking for some reason. Sure, Kate and Anthony were married, but beyond that there wasn’t much talk about the Bridgerton kids. As the show runner takes viewers through six episodes, Lady Violet reflects on her past and must come to terms with Ton’s own early impressions as a girl and family bonds that suddenly come into question .

Meanwhile, Golda Rochelle chews scenery at every turn as the elder Queen Charlotte, who is mortified that not one of her countless children has produced an heir. Between her spoiled sons and bindaas daughters, she cannot understand where she has gone wrong as a mother. She really has been gorgeous. Or so she believes. Brimsley – bless the man – is still in the Queen’s favor. hugh sax reiterated that bridgerton role here.

It’s about… There’s no more tender bond than the one formed in the past between devoted butlers to their royals – young Brimsley to the Queen and Reynolds (Freddie Dennis) to King George. Check out both of these. He is one of the great wins of this series.

Why this queen feels royally cheated

Queen Charlotte A Bridgerton Story

In queen charlotte At the time, the young queen was troubled by her marital frustrations. It doesn’t help that George’s shrewd and manipulative mother Augusta (Michelle Fairley) is also beyond over-protective. What is she hiding? What is George hiding for that matter? Watch and enjoy how well this series unfolds and then jumps in later episodes to show things through George’s point of view.

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The big reveal gives this romance more weight than most other romances we’ve experienced bridgerton, And India Amarteifio’s portrayal of the young queen is exceptional. She loses herself in the role, as does corey mylcristGiving us a truly complex character to whom Charlotte must suddenly fight and pledge her devoted allegiance.

How and what the young girl handles is for the audience to experience, but every scene Amartefio and Milecrist have is believable and pervaded by a burning desire to solve something. Their on-screen chemistry is something to be reckoned with, recalling the Harlequin-like height we felt back in season one Bridgerton. Equally enjoyable is how well the series delves into historical events here, from King George III discovering astronomy. He plays everything well.

queen charlotte is the best of bridgerton batch. also able to illuminate The Plight and Privileges of Royalty, Crown, and of course, Harry and Meghan Headlines have that in spades, but there’s something refreshingly bold and refreshing Queen Charlotte. Perhaps this is the noticeable thread of humanity woven throughout the tapestry from beginning to end. It’s doubtful that this will be the last time we see of this clan. In fact it would be a shame not to see more. This show deserves the royal treatment.

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Hits Netflix May 4th.