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Prosecutor says Virginia 6-year-old teacher will not face charges in shooting

WorldAmericas and CanadaProsecutor says Virginia 6-year-old teacher will not face charges in shooting
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The chief prosecutor in Newport News, Va., says there is no legal basis to charge a 6-year-old who shot his teacher in January.

Prosecutor Howard Gwynn said Wednesday that the adults involved in the incident could still be charged.

“There’s a possibility that a 6-year-old could stand trial,” he told NBC News, adding that he believed A child that age would not be able to understand the consequences at stake or the intricacies of the legal system.

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the kid blew himself up his 25-year-old teacher Abigail Zwerner with a 9mm at Richneck Elementary School. Handgun on January 6th.

The victim sustained injuries on her hand and chest., but managed to help about 20 students get out of the classroom safely. The day before, the boy had received a one-day suspension for allegedly breaking Zwerner’s cell phone.

Before the shooting, three teachers reportedly went to the school’s administration to share their concerns about the boy’s behavior — including Rumors that he had a gun on campus,

Zwerner’s attorney, Diane Toscano, said the shooting “completely preventableBut the administration failed to act in time. A notice of intent to sue the teacher was filed behalf.

since the shooting, the school is Metal detectors installed on campus And fired its superintendent and assistant principal.

According to his parents, the boy is now receiving “the treatment he needs” after a court ordered his custody at a nearby medical facility.

Police said the gun used in the incident was legally purchased by his mother.

the family claimed the gun was “safe” in their home, adding that they are “committed to always promoting responsible gun ownership and keeping firearms out of reach of children.”

Gwynn says there is currently no timetable for when Charges can be brought against any adults involved.

“We have to base our decision on our ability to prove beyond a reasonable doubt,” the prosecutor said.

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