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Play Holi With Natural Colours, Here’s Why Your Skin Will Thank You For It

HealthFitnessPlay Holi With Natural Colours, Here's Why Your Skin Will Thank You For It
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Before Holi arrives, you can hear everyone talking about the festival of colors. Many people wait for Holi so that they can play with colours. But once the festival is over, some people complain of dry skin or itchy skin or burning eyes. Some people also get skin allergies after playing with the colors of Holi. Not everyone has to face these skin problems, but it is always better to err on the side of caution. Does this mean that you should not play Holi at all? no way! Use natural colors instead of synthetic Holi colors. Turns out, natural colors are good for your skin.

HealthShots is connected to Mumbai based Ayurveda specialist Dr Lakshmi Verma K And Dr. Shyam PanditDermatologist, Allied Doctors House, Maharashtra to know why we should play Holi with natural colours.

Play Holi with natural colors for healthy skin. Image Courtesy: shutterstock
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According to Dr Pandit, natural colors are safe and widely used by people during Holi to avoid any allergies and infections. Natural dyes can be made from:

• Rose
• Marigold
• Hibiscus
• Bougainvillea
• henna
• Turmeric
• Coriander
• Neem tree
• Beetroot
• Peppermint
• spinach

Know why natural colors are good for the skin

Natural colors are good for the skin as compared to synthetic colors. Here are some reasons why you should go natural during Holi 2023!

1. Natural colors are not harmful to the skin

Synthetic and chemical-rich Holi colors can not only make your skin dry, but can also invite nail inflammation, abrasions, discoloration and eczema. On the other hand, natural colors are not harmful and are safe to use. Dr. Verma says that some ingredients like turmeric can be beneficial for your skin as well.

2. Natural colors do not cause eye problems

Pandits say that chemical-laden Holi colors cause burning, redness, swelling and itching in the eyes. Natural colors are not dangerous for your eyes. It does not cause chemical damage to the eyes, hence protect your eyes from holi colors going natural.

3. Natural dyes are easy to wash

Natural colors are easy to remove and they don’t go deep into your skin, unlike chemically loaded colors that require a lot of oil and cleaning products.

4. Natural dyes are eco-friendly

Synthetic dyes have negative effects on the environment and animals. According to Dr. Pandit, the chemicals present in these are a threat to the environment and cause plants to rot. Holi colors are also dangerous for pets.

5. Natural color is easy to create

You can also make natural colors at home. All you need are natural ingredients like marigold, beetroot, neem, spinach, turmeric and orange peel powder. All you have to do is get similar colored ingredients and grind them together.

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natural holi colors
Don’t forget to take care of your skin on Holi. Image Courtesy: shutterstock

Tips to protect your skin during Holi

Even if you make your own color at home, there will be some who bring synthetic colors. just follow Skin care tips before and after Holi So that later your skin does not have to face much problems.

Here’s how you can prep your skin for the colors of Holi!

• Apply oil or moisturizer to your hair and face before playing Holi so that the colors do not penetrate your skin and come off easily. Dr Verma says that applying coconut oil on hands, feet and face before Holi can give your skin a protective layer.
• Try to wear full sleeve clothes so that the color does not sit on your body for a long time.
• Use eyewear to cover your eyes while playing Holi so that you can avoid eye allergies.
• If you feel any irritation on your skin or eyes after playing Holi, wash off the colors immediately and consult a doctor.

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