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Philippines urges compensation for wartime rape victims by Japanese soldiers

WorldAsiaPhilippines urges compensation for wartime rape victims by Japanese soldiers
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Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) called on the authorities to provide full compensation and an official apology to the survivors, who have suffered physical, psychological and other consequences for decades.

‘symbolic’ victory

“it is a symbolic moment of victory To these victims who were previously silenced, ignored, written off and erased from history in the Philippines,” Said Committee member Marion Bethel.

pave the way for the committee’s consideration Restoring their dignity, integrity, reputation and honor,” He added.

fight for justice

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The decision stems from a complaint filed by 24 members of a non-profit organization malaya lolas (“Free Grandmothers”), established to support survivors of sexual slavery, commonly known as “Comfort Women” within the Japanese Armed Forces.

He repeatedly asked the government to support his claims against Japan for compensation, claiming that the failure to fight for his cause was essentially the result of ongoing discrimination that continues to this day.

repeated rape and torture

The complainants were forcefully taken to the headquarters of the Imperial Japanese Army in San Ildefonso, Pampanga province, which is called don’t shed (Red House), on 23 November 1944.

They were detained there for one day to three weeks and subjected to repeated rape and other sexual violence, torture and inhumane detention conditions.

women have endured long term resultsThese include physical injuries, post-traumatic stress, permanent damage to their ability to have children, and other losses that have affected their relationships and social standing.

seeking the support of the United Nations

Despite making frequent claims domestically, His efforts were rejected by the authorities, His last action was rejected by the Supreme Court in 2014.

Five years later, the survivors put their case before the United Nations Committee, which monitors the events. convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women,

They sought to establish that the Philippines had to fulfill its commitments under the treaty, also known as CEDAW.

Violation of the CEDAW Convention

The Committee noted that the Philippines had waived its right to compensation by signing a peace treaty with Japan, although it underlined that this was a case of continued discrimination.

Members also observed that the Philippine Commission on Women did not address the institutionalized system of wartime sexual slavery, its consequences for victims and survivors, or their needs for protection.

He further added that veterans of the Philippine War, mostly men, “are are entitled to special and honorable treatment from the governmentSuch as educational benefits, health benefits, old age, disability and death pension.

The committee concluded that the Philippines had violated its obligations under the CEDAW Convention, noting in particular that the authorities “prohibit all discrimination against women and protect the rights of women on an equal basis with men”. have failed to adopt appropriate legislative and other measures.”

restoring human dignity

The committee requested that the Philippines provide full reparations to the victims, including material compensation and an official apology for continued discrimination.

“This case demonstrates that minimizing or ignoring sexual violence against women and girls in war and conflict situations can, in fact, Another heinous form of violation of women’s rights, We hope that the committee’s decision serves to restore human dignity to all victims, both deceased and living,” Ms. Bethel said.

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