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PG, Kawhi rescue clips after Griz’s 51-pt. quarter

SportsNBAPG, Kawhi rescue clips after Griz's 51-pt. quarter
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Los Angeles – The LA Clippers They were looking likely for a devastating and devastating loss on Sunday night after surrendering 51 points in the third quarter and trailing by 14 in less than nine minutes. memphis grizzlies,

But Paul George And kawhi leonard Took over the game and led the Clippers to perhaps their biggest win of the season. George and Leonard scored 25 of their team’s last 28 points to propel the Clippers past Memphis. 135-129on Crytpo.com Arena.

The much-needed win snapped a five-game losing streak and gave the Clippers their first win since the All-Star break. According to ESPN Stats & Information Research, they became the first team to win a game despite allowing a 50-point quarter since the Cavaliers on November 12, 1991, against the Bucks.

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George said, “We worked hard.” “Which really was the difference. We just brought another level. We played with some composure and we turned … I felt tonight that we had the spirit to win.”

George and Leonard saved the Clippers from suffering a devastating loss.

George had 42 points, 11 rebounds and 1 big steal in 25.3 seconds. Jaron Jackson Jr. While the Clippers were trying to defend a four-point lead.

Leonard scored 15 of his 34 points in the fourth quarter and added 10 rebounds and four assists. Russell Westbrook The Clippers were the only other scorer in the final nine minutes, converting a crucial three-point play with 2:47 remaining to give the Clippers a four-point lead.

Westbrook had 9 points, 6 assists and 5 rebounds in his first win as a Clipper. He joined the team after the All-Star break.

George and Leonard helped the Clippers finish the game with a 28-8 run. Both of them said that the Clippers will have to adapt to the way they play in the fourth quarter against their next home game. toronto,

The Clippers are currently ranked eighth in the Western Conference standings.

George said, “It doesn’t mean anything if we don’t buy into what we can do and what we can be.” “So we’ll see. If we don’t get treated the next games [the same way] That we treated that fourth quarter tonight, so what are we doing here?”

For the Clippers, who had won 10 of 14 games prior to the All-Star Game, it was as close to a win as it had been without Memphis this season. ja morant (not with the team), dillon brooks (suspension) and brandon clark (Injury).

“It felt like the stakes were high,” said Clippers coach Ty Lue. “I know the guys wanted to play well, they wanted to win.

“… It was a big win for us, despite the fact that they didn’t have some players, but we needed it.”

The Clippers led 72-61 with 11:03 left in the third quarter, only for the Grizzlies to make 19 of 26 shots. tyce jones Contributed 20 points in the quarter, during which he shot 7-for-7.

“It was an internal thing that I think everybody [felt] It just needs to start,” George said of the Clippers’ turnaround. “… To give up 51 points, we weren’t too happy about that, on the bench. So it really came from there.”

Now the Clippers must find a way to maintain that kind of urgency and desperation in their final 15 games. George said that he is feeling healthy after battling a knee problem.

“I’m really able to hoop,” said George, who made 14 of 15 free throws as the Clippers converted 33 of 35 from the line. “I had a hard time planting and moving. But now my body feels great. So I feel like I can do things that I haven’t been able to do for much of the season. Just That was the difference.”

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