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Paulina Porizkova reveals new romance after heartbroken husband Ric Ocasek (EXCLUSIVE)

EntertainmentHollywoodPaulina Porizkova reveals new romance after heartbroken husband Ric Ocasek (EXCLUSIVE)

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broke up after breaking his heart rick ocasek and the subsequent passage, Paulina Porizkova Is giving a new relationship a chance despite “trust issues” and doesn’t want to be in a relationship “ever” again. no filter The author revealed she was seeing someone new in an exclusive interview on HollywoodLife Podcast. Paulina revealed this news when she was discussing the book We by Terrence Reall, and told HL, “I was reading this when I was single, and I thought, ‘The next guy I meet where I see the potential for a relationship is going somewhere, I’m going to make them. I’m going to read this book before we actually get anywhere. And so I can say, I just handed that book to someone.”

top model Added that the relationship was “early days” but she read the book he gave her! “We had the most amazing conversations about ourselves and where we’re going and what we want,” Paulina told HL, “so it was a really great conversation piece.”

paulina porizkova excl interview embed2
Paulina Porizkova. (Shutterstock)

The mother of two admitted she “didn’t even know I could ever trust someone again enough to want to be in a relationship,” and she still struggles with her “trust issues.” . “I have my work cut out for me,” she laughed.

Paulina looks back on her 28 years of marriage to Rick and when their relationship began she was only 19 years old, Which he details in his new memoir, No Filter: The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful. “I thought I had hit the jackpot. I thought I had found a man capable of loving me the way I want to be loved, Which was absolutely crazy. What I didn’t realize was that by being immersed in this great love, I was going to lose little pieces of myself, or that I was giving up control of who I was as a human being,” she recalled. I was 19, I was a woman. Kid, I was a fool. But as the marriage went on and I got older, I started to understand little bits of it…I thought, ‘I’m not going to do that anymore,’ and the more I did it, the more my husband held back. Dropped out because I wasn’t what he signed up for. They signed me up when I was 19, I think.

paulina porizkova excl interview embed1
Paulina Porizkova. (Shutterstock)

Eventually, Rick and Paulina separated in 2018, but continued to live in the same house. The 57-year-old was looking after the Cars frontman in September 2019 he died after a surgery, She learned the day after she died that she had been left out of his will, and according to the documents, the musician had written instructions that she should not receive any of his belongings or money, claiming the model had committed suicide after their divorce. He was “abandoned” in the middle of the proceedings.

“I think it was almost a crime of passion,” Paulina said of their prior reasoning for ousting her. “The betrayal of this man that I’m waiting on hand and foot while he’s recovering… and then he doesn’t want me to get anything if he dies. I mean, the idea that he doesn’t want were to be provided to me after 35 years, and they lied that to get it, they said I had ‘abandoned her’, which is a legal term, not an emotional term, Totally devastating to me.,

Since, Paulina has settled down with Rick Ocasek’s wealth and is receiving an unspecified number of years from her partner of nearly 35 years. The full HollywoodLife Podcast episode with Paulina airs Tuesday, March 14. tune in on Spotify and to listen to Apple Podcasts.

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