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Online marketplace Wish makes a comeback in France

PoliticsWorld PoliticsOnline marketplace Wish makes a comeback in France

PARIS – US online marketplace Wish is available again in France at the request of the state, after a year and a half ordered to remove the platform on unsafe products.

In November 2021, Govt. announced Much fanfare followed that the California-based platform would be removed from search engines and app stores for flouting consumer-protection rules and failing to respond to incoming requests from the Directorate General of Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF).

Bruno Le Maire was the French economy minister at that time. also threatened Google and Apple with legal action if they do not comply.

The e-commerce platform is now back on Google Search, app store Google Play and French search engine Quant. A Google spokesperson told POLITICO, “We have received a notification from the DGCCRF informing us that the November 23, 2021 injunction orders us to remove Wish from Search and Play.”

The DGCCRF decided to re-list the online marketplace on search engines and app stores “after more than a year of discussions in relation to the commitments made with Wish,” a member of French Minister Olivia Gregoire’s team told Politico. took. Grégoire oversees the DGCCRF.

The platform has put in place “evacuation and recall procedures, and a range of similar products identified as non-compliant and dangerous,” the French official explained, adding that “the DGCCRF will be very attentive to Wish’s commitments.”

DGCCRF did not respond to requests for comment in time for publication.

ContextLogic, the platform’s parent company, unsuccessfully tried for months to overturn the DGCCRF’s delisting decision in the courts. On Friday, the online marketplace was fined €3 million for misleading commercial practices, According to L’Informé,

Wish is known for selling very cheap products, lots of them coming from china,

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