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Myanmar: Social media companies urged to stand up against junta

WorldAsiaMyanmar: Social media companies urged to stand up against junta
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In an appeal for Internet chat platforms to monitor content more carefully and allocate sufficient resources to do so, rights experts warned that Telegram had become particularly “Hub of pro-military activities”,

‘Violent and anti-women’

Thousands of followers were attracted to the junta’s “violent and anti-feminist content”, warned by rights experts, who noted that women often accused having sex with Muslim men or supporting the Muslim population.

this is a “Ultranationalist, discriminatory and Islamophobic narrative common in Myanmar”.said experts, who said women are also targeted by so-called “doxing” — the act of publishing private information, including names and addresses, without the persons consent.

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Experts, including the special envoy on Myanmar, Tom Andrews, welcomed Telegram’s decision to block at least 13 pro-military social media accounts after becoming aware of what was happening, although less One of the worst channels out there is back online.

“Unless Telegram fundamentally changes its approach to content moderation in Myanmar, it is likely pro-military actors will just open new accounts And continue your campaign of harassment,” he said.

Bagan, a city in the Mandalay Region of Myanmar.

daily threats

,Everyday women are being threatened with sexual violence online Because they are standing up for human rights, resisting an attempt at military rule, and fighting for a return to a democratic path,” the experts said in a statement.

‘Doxxing’ and other forms of online harassment add up to many dangers Women activists, human rights defenders and independent unions in Myanmar are already facing this.

Independent experts urged Telegram and other social media companies to fulfill their responsibilities to identify, prevent and mitigate any human rights abuses occurring on their platforms.

Due diligence

“Tech Companies must ensure that their services do not contribute to human rights abusesgender-based violence and discrimination, arbitrary arrests, the right to privacy, and suppression of freedom of expression, peaceful assembly, both online and offline, and association,” he said.

He urged the social media platforms Allocate required resources Noting the need to target women and monitor content in Burmese – and ethnic languages ​​in Myanmar – in close coordination with local organizations and actors, in order to protect the human rights of its users.

special envoys and other UN human rights councilAppointed rights experts work on a voluntary and unpaid basis, are not employees of the United Nations, and work independently of any government or organization.

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