Michael J Fox thanks wife Tracy for ‘bearing the burden’ of his Parkinson’s: She ‘dealt with a lot’


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After almost 35 years of marriage, Michael J. Fox And his wife, tracy pollan, are in love as ever. In the actor’s new Apple TV+ documentary, Still: A Michael J. fox movieThey opened up about the relationship, and showed how supportive Tracy has been in the midst of their ordeal Parkinson’s disease, Michael was diagnosed Disease In 1991, they were married for just three years. When he told Tracy the news, she said he remembered whispering to her, “In sickness and in health.” He has held fast to that vow for more than three decades.

“Tracy is the smartest person I know,” admitted Michael. “She’s learned to deal with a lot. How frustrating it must be to be carrying the burden of something that isn’t her burden. She shares it with me. She not only shares it with me, but takes more than me. What I go through, passes.

Michael J Fox Tracy Pollan
Michael J. Fox and Tracy on the red carpet. (Matt Barone/BEI/Shutterstock)

The documentary featured footage of Tracy accompanying Michael to a doctor’s appointment. She would listen attentively as they discussed his medications and treatment, and would sometimes offer her two cents. There was also a clip of Michael enjoying downtime with Tracy and her four childrenGiving a glimpse of what the life of the family is like. The actor praised his family for not letting his illness get the better of him day by day. “When I’m with my family, there’s no ‘poor kid,’ I feel your pain, you’re a saint among men,” Michael said. “That would be the worst thing.”

Michael also explained how Tracy and his family were the reason he decided to get sober in 1992. He said he “drank to dissociate” and “escaped” from having Parkinson’s. However, after one particularly long night of partying, something clicked. ,[Tracy] was fulfilling my sorry state of indifference,” Michael explained. “‘Is that what you want?’ He said. ‘Is this what you want to be?’ I’ve never been so scared in my life.”

He described his first years of sobriety as a “knife fight” and began taking film roles in other parts of the world because he was not able to cope with things at home. Michael shared, “Tracy was having a tough time and was really reaching the end of her rope.” “Now, we had twins. I had to go back to my family. That’s when they made [his] Mana” and decided to return to television with spin city, “The schedule matches up perfectly with my family’s rhythm,” he said.

The documentary also takes a look at the early days of Michael and Tracy’s relationship. they met when she acted family relations, and Michael remembers the moment he fell for her. This happened after they filmed a scene together after their lunch break. “The moment she said her first line, I got a little garlicky, and I seized the opportunity to have a little fun at her expense,” he said. “‘Who’s a little scampi for lunch, babe?’ At first she didn’t say anything. Her expression didn’t even change. But looking into my eyes, she said softly, ‘That was mean and rude and you’re complete rubbish.’ No one spoke to me like that. This lady was completely oblivious to who I thought I was. A pig is a pig no matter how many hit movies he has. She was joking, but I Couldn’t understand because no one would joke with me like that. I was never the butt of any jokes. He just poked through and called me out. In that moment, I fell in love with him.

Once he and Tracy got together, he insisted that he was “the person I loved most”, adding, “I still am.” Michael also praises Tracy for her honesty. “She’s so closed off about who she is because she’s so honest,” he said. “I could be the King of England and she would be his. I could be Elvis and she would be his.”