Matty Healy Is All Anyone (Myself Included) Can Talk About Right Now — So Here Are 19 Facts About Her


“there is Meme that I’m a typical rat, that this kid Thrown away,” He Said The audience during his concert in Brisbane earlier this year. “It’s really hurting me. I’m not bashing anything out there. But we’re all friends, and I’ve seen that meme so many times, and it made me laugh.”

He said, “As you know, my parents are actors…[my mother’s] The Godfather is a producer, and he produces movies. I wasn’t really close to him until I was about 14, or something like that. But anyway, he was looking for inspiration for a film he was producing Thrown away, So, um…it’s really based on me. And I know it sounds ridiculous, but if you do enough internet research, you’ll be able to find out that it’s true.”

And people, facts are facts! Denise’s godfather, Ian La Frenaiswas one of screenplay by For Thrown away,

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