Maria Menounos fears she won’t be able to meet her baby after cancer diagnosis – E! Online


Menounos underwent surgery to remove the cancerous tumor, sharing, “They took the tail of the pancreas, the spleen, 17 lymph nodes, and a fibroid from my uterus like a baby.”

Today he is cancer free. And Menounos hopes his experience can help others. In form of heal squad As the podcast host noted, her journey to receiving her diagnosis was a long one, with her experiencing “excruciating pain” for months prior to her diagnosis as well as “loose stools for a month and a half.” And when she “did all the stool tests” and did a CT scan, they didn’t show any red flags.

Still, Menounos knew something wasn’t right. Even after a doctor initially thought “it was nothing”—believing it could be inflammation or pancreatitis—before her biopsy, she kept looking for answers. Now, Menounos—who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last June and had a benign brain tumor removed In 2017—reminding others to speak up and advocate for their health.

“I feel very blessed and very grateful because I have been given so many miracles,” she said Today, “Like, I’m so blessed. And I know other people might be too. So, my mission is to help people listen to their bodies and learn how to listen to their bodies. And I’m so grateful.” God moved me into this health field with my show and everything I do now because I want to sound the alarm to everybody that you have to be the CEO of your health. You don’t give it to anyone. You can. That work is yours. You know your body. You know what’s going on.”