‘Mama June: Family Crisis’ Exclusive Preview: Pumpkin Is Still Convinced Mama June Is ‘Taking Drugs Again’


Lauryn “Pumpkin” Effard And jessica shannon take some time to discuss mama june Latest hospitalization, and Pumpkin doesn’t have the best feeling about things. “She’s probably do drugs again Sure,” Pumpkins tells Jessica in this exclusive preview of the May 12 episode. Mama June: Family Crisis,

Pumpkin discusses Mama June’s hospitalization. (we tv)

Josh is in the room, and he doesn’t want to be involved in all this Mama June drama again. “I’ve had my time with it. I’ve told you how I felt. I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want to be a part of it,” he tells Pumpkin.

Pumpkin reiterates how June is “definitely probably doing drugs again.” Jessica agrees, “Oh, definitely.”

Pumpkin also wonders, “If she’s not doing drugs, is she going to the hospital for drugs?” She adds, “You can’t expect to take such a huge amount of drugs in less than a year and expect any kind of result behind it.” Mama June has been battling health issues including untreated cataracts. In Mama June: Family Crisis At the premiere, June swears to Pumpkin that she is not taking drugs again.

No matter what the truth is, Pumpkin says that the entire weight of Mama June’s actions still “falls upon us.” The family has been floundering since Mama June moved to Alabama and didn’t tell anyone.

mama june
Mama June and Justin Stroud in May 2023. (Eric Kowalski / MEGA)

“Even though we haven’t seen Mama and she’s living in Alabama now, she still has some kind of influence on us. Do you really have health issues going on because it’s not going to be long that this is going to be the front page of the tabloids… I can’t keep the family away from him,” she says.

me too Mama June: Family Crisis premiere, Pumpkins revealed that Mama June didn’t see him and josh’s twins Ever since they were born. Mama June was busy moving to Alabama and getting married justin stroud, new episodes of Mama June: Family Crisis Airs on Friday at 9 pm on V TV.