Lexington man wants to withdraw his guilty plea in fatal shooting


A Lexington man accused of killing 26-year-old Brian Greene more than two years ago wants to withdraw his guilty plea in the case.

Juanh Clay, 21, of Lexington, agreed. plea deal In March that would see him plead guilty to charges of first-degree murder and possession of a controlled substance. Clay was scheduled to be sentenced Friday, but when he appeared in court, his attorney said Clay wanted to change his plea.

He was originally charged with murder, fentanyl trafficking, receiving a stolen firearm, identity theft, carrying a concealed weapon, and marijuana trafficking. The deal amended the murder charge to first-degree murder and the fentanyl trafficking charge to possession of a controlled substance. The charges of carrying a concealed weapon and trafficking in marijuana could have been dismissed under the plea agreement, according to court records.

Fayette Circuit Judge Kimberly Bunell set a new hearing next month. She will decide whether to allow Clay to change his plea or serve him on the charges he had previously agreed to plead guilty to.

Clay’s case went before Mediation in October, but a deal did not happen. Amanda Naish, first assistant Fayette commonwealth’s attorney, said prosecutors and the defense later reached an agreement.

How did the investigation unfold

in January 2021 Green’s body was found Police said someone inside an apartment at 2800 Alumni Drive noticed a large amount of blood outside the unit. Green was pronounced dead from multiple gunshot wounds.

detectives found According to previous testimony from Lexington Police Detective Jeremy Adkins, a spent 9mm shell casing and seven spent .45-caliber shell casings were found in the back room of the apartment. After talking to witnesses, police identified Clay as a possible suspect.

Authorities confronted Clay while conducting another investigation about three weeks after the shooting, but Clay lied about his identity and said he needed to talk to his guardian. According to prior police testimony, a woman claiming to be Clay’s guardian also lied about Clay’s identity. At that point, Clay was released into the custody of the female police who were supposed to be her guardians.

But the police later learn that Clay lied, and they obtain a warrant for his arrest. According to previous police testimony, the soil was found with more than $1,000 in small bills, three guns and bullets.

After his arrest, Clay admitted to Adkins that he shot Greene, Adkins testified. Clay also stated that another person was present at the time of Green’s death, and that person has since died.

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