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Less than one in five Canadians want monarchy to continue: survey

WorldAmericas and CanadaLess than one in five Canadians want monarchy to continue: survey
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Positive perception among Canadians of the monarchy and members of the royal family is on the decline, according to one new poll by research company

Only 19 per cent of Canadians would prefer the country to remain a monarchy in 2022, down 12 points since a similar poll in September 2022, according to data released on Wednesday.

Breaking down the data by region, 24 percent of Albertans (down 18 points) and Atlantic Canadians (down 16 points) said they would prefer the monarchy to continue, while 23 percent of BC residents (down 11 points) felt the same. Did. Way.

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The numbers are lower in Saskatchewan and Manitoba (20 percent, down six points), Ontario (19 percent, down 12 points) and Quebec (14 percent, down 11 points).

According to the latest figures, only 32 per cent of Canadians had an opinion in favor of King Charles III, down 14 points since the last poll.

Fewer than one in four Canadians (22 per cent, down 10 points) expressed the same sentiment about Queen Consort Camilla.

“In February 2022, nearly two-thirds of Canadians (64 percent) held a favorable view of Queen Elizabeth II,” Mario Canseco, president of the research company, said in a news release. “Thirteen months later, the current Emperor’s rating is exactly half that.”

This latest poll found that the number of Canadians who have a positive perception of four other royal family members has also declined.

For example, 54 percent of Canadians (down from 13 percent) had a positive impression of both William, Prince of Wales, and Catherine, Princess of Wales, and felt less favorable toward Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex (down from 46 percent). Used to do 18 points) and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex (41 percent, down 12 points).

Canadians who watched the Netflix series “Harry and Meghan” were 71 percent and 68 percent more likely to think favorably of the couple, respectively.

Seventy per cent of Canadians (down four points) believe King Charles III should commit to reducing the carbon footprint of the entire royal family, while 65 per cent (down four points) want him to reconcile with indigenous peoples. Advance the cause.

When it comes to Prince William potentially becoming monarch of the UK and 14 other Commonwealth realms, 50 per cent of Canadians (down five points) said they would like him to receive the position.

Nearly one-third of Canadians (35 percent, up one point) say they would have a problem with Canada depicting King Charles III on coins and bills.

Less than half of Canadians expect to have a monarchy in twenty years, 47 per cent (down five points), while 36 per cent (up five points) think the country will have an elected head of state by then.

modus operandi:

The results are based on an online study conducted from March 3 to March 5, 2023, among 1,000 adults in Canada. The data has been statistically weighted according to Canadian Census data for age, gender and region. The margin of error — which measures sampling variability — is +/- 3.1 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

Reporting for this story was paid for through The Afghan Journalists in Residence Project, funded by Meta.

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