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‘Jersey Shore’ exclusive clip: Snooki shares her baby adoption story after Angelina accepts

EntertainmentHollywood'Jersey Shore' exclusive clip: Snooki shares her baby adoption story after Angelina accepts
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things get emotional between women Jersey Shore: Family Vacation On the upcoming March 9 episode! HollywoodLife Here’s an exclusive preview, which shows the ladies out to lunch during their weekend in California. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi Invocation Angelina Pivarnik if she wants a baby, and Angelina replies, “I’m getting to that point. I’m 36, now? But I don’t want to have kids with just anyone.

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Jenny “JWOWW” Farley suggests Angelina “pick one from the catalog” at a sperm bank. “It’s almost like a one-stop adoption,” explains Jenny. “My mom was a closed adoption, where you can’t find out who your parents are. She can’t even look at her records. The irony is now all those ancestors and 23 more me things came out and I’m Seeing all the sides of Mother emerging. It’s wild. I’m like… I don’t want to meet these people!

Snooki on the March 9 episode of ‘Jersey Shore. (MTV)

Angelina then opens up about a conversation she once had with her mother, where her mother told her, “Your father can’t be your father.” The other women are attracted, but Angelina reveals that her mother insisted she was joking. “If my father didn’t turn out to be my father, it would really make sense why I was treated differently than my sisters when I was a kid,” admitted Angelina. “Perhaps he knows that I am not his daughter.”

dina cortes Plus she has her own story about adoption to share. “My sister is my sister, but my mom — when she was little — gave my sister up for adoption to a family on her street,” Dina revealed. “My mother saw [my sister] grew up, but it was not a closed adopter, and later, [my sister] Decided she wanted to find my mom. So I didn’t know I had a sister until I was seven.”

Angelina Pivarnik
Angelina on the March 9 episode. (MTV)

Meanwhile, Snooki was actually adopted herself, and she revealed that her name was Claudette before her parents adopted her. “I never really talk about me being adopted because I’m very secure with the way I ended up with my adoptive parents. They are my parents,” Nicole shared. never had the urge to go and look for me [biological] Guardian. If I get a chance to meet him, I think I will.

After hearing all these stories, Jenny assures Angelina that she has plenty of options if she still wants to have children. Jenny confirms, “It doesn’t have to be all cookie cutter.” “You don’t have to find a man. You don’t have to get married. You could have done it on your own.” Angelina confirmed that she “doesn’t think” she’s going to get married again.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Airs on MTV on Thursdays at 8:00 p.m.

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