James Anderson: Australia will not be able to face England at their best


James Anderson He believes Australia will not be at their best with England set to play no more than four of the men’s five Ashes Tests this summer.

Anderson is recovering from a minor groin strain sustained during Lancashire’s County Championship match against Somerset last week. While the 40-year-old is expected to be fully fit for the Ireland Test at Lord’s on June 1, he is likely to sit out that match to protect himself for the Ashes starting at Edgbaston on June 16.

With those five Tests against Australia being played in six weeks, Anderson said, “three or four out of five would be more realistic than five”. it matches with Ben StokesIt is claimed that the hosts will need to call eight fast bowlers this summer. The captain will have four to choose from quickly for Ireland mark wood There is also a possibility of sitting out the Test with Anderson.

Going into his 10th Ashes series, Test cricket’s third most prolific wicket-taker is confident that England can lift the urn from Australia for the first time since 2015. Stokes and the head coach Brendon McCullum,

Anderson said, “If you look at our team, if we play to the best of our ability with that mindset, I don’t think anybody can compete with us.” “So yeah, I think we can win.

“I feel like if we can keep that same mindset and that same kind of spirit in the dressing room that we have. It’s pretty relaxed, we’re trying to enjoy ourselves, we’re trying to entertain people. doing, make positive choices.” ,

In many ways, Australia will be an acid test for a lot of the values ​​that England have embraced since the start of last summer. Especially not wishing to entertain and judge performances only on wins and losses.

That attitude has only been challenged once so far, when England lost to New Zealand in Wellington. They had led the second Test for the first three days, before suffering a deep one-run defeat on the final day after the Black Caps were asked to follow-on. Anderson’s last wicket.

Will such altruism fly in the face of the excitement of the Ashes this summer? In an interview with Sky Sports, Stokes said that he would announce Australia’s chase in the final Test at The Oval, even if England only needed a draw to win the series. Referring to Stokes’ comments, Anderson is hopeful that the approach and mindset will continue to hold their full potential. Especially considering the correlation between playing without fear and impressive performance.

“We’re going to get the same message from Brendan and Ben about how we play. I think there will be a bit more focus on it because it’s an Ashes series. But I hope we can play in the same way Because it’s been wonderful to be a part of it.

“I’m excited about the way we’re playing, it’s about something bigger than the result. It’s about trying to entertain people and enjoy ourselves while doing it. The end result got a little carried away It’s been months, and I feel that focus on myself has helped in the performance and in generating results.”

Australia represents a final frontier. Wins over New Zealand, India, South Africa and a 3–0 series win in Pakistan have seen them best all the challengers so far. While India’s tour in early 2024 is an enticing opportunity to see how an adventurous batting style translates to turning surfaces, this summer’s tour – the best in the world right now – will provide some of the stiffest resistance yet.

Anderson anticipates some adjustments, but cites success in “every phase we’ve gone through” as an indicator that they should do with Australia what they’ve done against everyone else.

“I’m sure we’ll have to do something different against Australia because they might have different games and whatever. But we’ve coped with whatever has been thrown at us so far. It’s exciting.” Used to be.

“When they play they’re naturally extremely competitive, aggressive. They’ll have discussed it and they’ll have their own plans and their own ways of how they’re going to deal with it. I think if we do what we’re doing And play as well as we possibly can, I don’t think anybody in the world can cope with it.”

It is worth noting that Anderson’s recent home Ashes experience has not been that great, even during a period when England have not lost a series on these shores since 2003. The 2015 series was drawn during the third Test, which England won 3–1. You can understand why he would want to minimize the risk of injury by skipping the Ireland match.

A home win in 2013 was followed six months later by two 4–0 defeats in between, with a 5–0 defeat in 2013–14.

“For me, I’ve put away the last three,” he joked. stuart broadcomments of Kovid-19 on tour of 2020-21. “Four out of five, I think”. Certainly 2010-11 success is an inevitable one.

In fact, the last fiasco Down Under saw Anderson fall out with Broad. Stokes’ first order of business after becoming captain was to recall him.

Since then, Anderson has enjoyed a new lease of life under a captain who has focused on taking wickets rather than bolstering the run rate. Although the batting grabbed the headlines, such positivity with the ball has seen Stokes take a full 20 wickets in all 12 Test matches for England. Meanwhile, Anderson has 45 dismissals at 17.62, leaving him just 15 shy of the 700 mark.

Anderson said, “I’m not just trying to bowl in the channel and leave him, hoping he goes on one of the 16 overs.” “I’m trying to get a wicket every ball. It may sound weird, the whole point of cricket as a bowler is to get people out, but there are different ways to go about it.

“I love it. I think it’s great. I’ve gone from potentially bowling 35 overs in an innings to potentially trying to hit a few overs, just knowing that we’re going Growing up, giving everything in his spell. It’s a better experience, everyone is involved and everyone’s thoughts are coming.”

Special appreciation is given to the main source of ideas. In an international career that will turn 20 on Monday – the first anniversary of 179 caps against Zimbabwe – Anderson has played under eight different captains. His current, and almost certainly last, captain is the one with the highest rating.

“Yeah,” Anderson replied after a long pause when asked if Stokes was the best. “It’s hard to say in a short amount of time but he’s got off to a great start. I think he’s a completely different captain than I’ve played under and I’ve really enjoyed that,” he added.

“I can’t really blame anything. I think everybody knew he was a leader, the way he trains, whether it’s the gym or whether it’s catching or batting or bowling the way he Goes about his business, he is the ultimate professional. The way he plays he leaves it all in there, so he is a born leader.

“For me, it’s the finer details, not only on the field where his tactical acumen is spot on, but his emotional intelligence off the field and how he talks to everyone in the group.

“If he needs to arm someone around or fire someone, he has a great way of doing it. And the way he talks to the group is excellent. I’m really impressed. “

James Anderson was speaking at a partnership launch announcing Radox as an official partner of England Cricket.

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