Iran: Over 200 executed since January; Turks call for the abolition of the death penalty


More than 10 people are executed every week in IranAt least 209 people have been executed since the beginning of the year, according to sources cited by the UN rights office, making the country “one of the world’s top executioners”, said High Commissioner Turki.OHCHR), In a press release,

inconsistent with international norms

Executions are “mostly” carried out for drug-related crimes. Mr Turk said it was “inconsistent with international human rights norms and standards,

OHCHR noted that minorities were over-represented on Iran’s death row, and said that according to sources, at least 45 people22 were executed in the past 14 days alone, including 22 from the Baloch minority.

“Most were executed for drug-related charges,” said the UN rights chief.

‘Disgusting Record’

“At this rate, Iran is moving worryingly same track as last yearWhen about 580 People had reportedly been killed, Mr Turke said. “It’s an abysmal record, especially when you consider the growing consensus for the universal abolition of the death penalty.”

The OHCHR noted that only a few states still practice and enforce the death penalty.

On Saturday, Iran executed Habib Chab, a Swedish-Iranian national from the Ahwazi Arab minority, the rights office said, who was accused and found guilty of “corruption on earth” – Iran’s strict interpretation of Islamic law. a capital punishment under.

The OHCHR said Monday reports said Yousef Mehrdad and Sadrola Fazeli Zare were executed for crimes including blasphemy.

speaking in front of human rights council Last month, Mr. Turk had called the death penalty anostalgic relic from the past Which should be shed in the 21st century”.

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