iPhone 15 Ultra vs iPhone 14 Pro: Apple can make 5 changes in the top iPhone of the year 2023. Number


Apple is known for making some of the best smartphones released in the market year after year. their iphone 14 The lineup, especially the Pro models, were some of the best-performing devices in every department last year. Every year, as we approach the month of September, which I like to call “AppleEmber,” there is an air of excitement in the tech community, not just among fans of the brand.

As Apple prepares to launch its phones from the Steve Jobs Theater in California, leaks about its next line of phones from the labs in Cupertino are coming out left, right and center. This year, it is set to be the iPhone 15 that will be launched during Apple’s September events. And, it looks like the brand might change its naming scheme as well, calling the top-of-the-line phone the Apple iPhone 15 Ultra.

Right now we are about four months away from the launch. And, already, we are seeing leaks and renders of the upcoming Apple iPhone 15. In a recent video, Lew, host of the YouTube channel Unbox Therapy, unboxed a mockup of the upcoming iPhone, giving us a look at the next version from the brand. The “greatest ever” phone would be like that. From what has been revealed in the said video and tipped off by eminent persons in the space, there are some major changes that Apple is set to bring to its best iPhone this year. So, let’s take a look at 5 ways the brand will tweak its Pro phone to make it better than ever.

1. Lightning no longer on iPhone 15

It’s safe to say that Apple’s Lightning connector is now out of date. The port is limited to a few devices and runs on USB 2.0, an ancient USB standard. So, naturally, there has been demand from consumers to move iPhones to USB-C, which is the more modern and widely used connector. Now, thanks to a mandate by the European Union and massive lobbying by the people, Apple will ditch the Lightning connector in favor of a USB-C port. good riddance!

The brand has already moved most of its products, including the iPad and MacBook, to USB-C, and the only devices that still use the ancient lighting connector are its Magic Mouse, AirPods, base model iPad and iPhones. Many expected the brand to change with the Apple iPhone 14. However, this did not happen. But, it looks more likely than ever that Apple will eventually move its phones to USB-C.

2. Small Bezel, Big Screen

If you’re someone who’s followed the evolution of iPhones year after year, Apple has trimmed down the bezels on their devices, allowing them to fit more screen in the same smaller/same space as last year’s models. Is. Many people after seeing Apple iPhone 14 thought that Apple has already peaked. However, it looks like they are ready to one-up themselves with the Apple iPhone 15 line of phones, specifically the Pro/Ultra models. The brand introduced Dynamic Island on its Pro phones last year. And, to say that its design was polarizing would be an understatement. Now it looks like the brand is going to retain the same size island while shrinking the bezels. So, it will be interesting to see what the difference is between the Apple iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Pro or Ultra when they launch later this year.

3. Brightest Kid on the Block

Talking about the display of Apple iPhone, the iPhone 15 Ultra is also going to get an upgraded / bright display. Their phones get better displays every year. Last year, Always-On Mode with ProMotion made a splash. Now, this year, while Apple may make additional changes to the panel, if the recent leaks are anything to go by, the brand is expected to add a 2500 nits display to the Apple iPhone 15 Ultra. If they do, it will be the brightest display smartphone in the market. Truly the most talented kid on the block. And, with the brand set to tweak its Always-on display technology as well, it will be interesting to see how competitors like Samsung respond when they launch their flagships next year.

4. Will it last more than a day and a half?

Leaked specifications of the upcoming Apple iPhone 15 Ultra are tipped to offer a bigger battery than last year’s Pro model phone. Not only the specifications, the model unboxed by Lew was thicker than the existing iPhone 14 Pro. Prior to this, there have been stakeholders from the tech community who have also given their opinion on the battery life of iPhones and the usage of space inside the phone. Even though I have an iPhone 12 mini and the battery doesn’t last a day at 85 percent of its maximum capacity. It is a fact that Apple has made active efforts over the years to make the batteries of its iPhones last longer. Now, it looks like finally, they will be adding a bigger battery to their phone, which will make it last even longer, pushing them even higher in the ranking charts.

5. Gets more powerful every year

Apple’s indigenous smartphone processors, the AX (X being the generational identifier), are arguably some of the best among them. Last year’s Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max won point zero 1 prize For being the best performing phone of the year! Apple has nowhere else to go from here. Their A17 Bionic chip, which is likely to be the powerhouse of the upcoming iPhone 15 Ultra, is all set to beat the A16 Bionic on the Apple iPhone 14 Pro. The chip is expected to be built on a 3nm process, making it more efficient and powerful than last year’s model. With the AI ​​wave at its peak right now, it will be interesting to see how Apple adapts its processors to ride the wave.

Along with this, pricing will also play a big role in the popularity and success of the Apple iPhone 15 Ultra. An exorbitant price tag might deter users of last year’s flagship from the brand to switch things up. With the final announcement five months away, there will be more changes and revelations that will tell us what this phone will be like.

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